Open Letter To Jomo W. Mutegi, Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Mutegi:


I’m writing you in regards to your lesson plans that you offer based on the work of Ronald L. Mallett of the University of Connecticut. They have been offered through Teachers for Pay (see ). 

“University of Connecticut professor of physics Dr. Ronald Mallett has developed and received a patent on his blueprint for a Time Travel Machine.”

This statement is false but I know why you believe that he does have a patent. It’s a part of his chicanery. In 2003 he did apply for a provisional patent.  Most people don’t know what that means. A provisional patent allows you to introduce an idea with protection, to the patent office, without filing a full patent. It gives you the same protection as a full patent but only for a year. By the time that year ends, you must submit a full patent application, which is a lot more expensive and demands more detail in description, both in technical terms and in what is known as “art”. Ronald Mallett failed to file for a full patent and he allowed the provisional one to expire. I know. He both told me so in 2012 and earlier last year the Patent Office confirmed it to me when I talked with them using query ticket number 1 – 496122341.

Furthermore, he neglected to report this fact in his book, Time Traveler, although it was released two years after the patent had expired. I believe this was done deliberately to deceive people like you, into believing exactly what you have – that he has a patent for a time machine. Again:

And while there are some physicists who have disputed certain aspects of his work, there is little dispute that Dr. Mallett’s work brings us very close to the possibility of time travel in the near future.” 

This is also totally and completely false. Mallett’s work does nothing to bring us closer to time travel. I know. I’m the world’s leading researcher on the subject and have had several major breakthroughs, last year alone, which bring us to the point that the first design for a human time machine has been completed. The real science of time travel has absolutely nothing to do with Mallett’s research, which relies on Einstein’s theory of General Relativity which is absolutely worthless for time travel because none of the solutions can be achieved. Even Mallett admitted that his own solution would require energy at stellar quantities – the same type of objections that you refer to, but that’s not all. I did a careful analysis of his provisional patent application as well as his papers and descriptions in his book and Mallett’s machine would never work, even if it did meet the astronomical energy requirements. Why not? Because his design is based on the wrong model of the nature of time and makes fatal hidden assumptions that only an expert of temporal mechanics like me would recognize. I want to stress – having a PhD in theoretical physics does not automatically make you an expert in temporal mechanics.

“Dr. Mallett’s time machine only enables travel back to the point in time wherein the machine is turned on. In addition, Dr. Mallett’s time machine will not be transporting people anytime soon. Among other problems with transporting people are the energy demands that would be required. What is more likely is that Dr. Mallett’s machine will be used to transmit subatomic particles and…information”

 The above quotes show just how off Mallett’s research is. Now, we are getting very close to being able to send people back in time without the energy concerns because the very foundation of Mallett’s idea – general relativity, is being abandoned for that purpose, instead, replaced by the confluence between information theory and quantum mechanics. A major contributor to this has been National Medal of Science award winner Yakir Aharonov with his concept of quantum triggers, which is derived from Erwin Schrodinger’s famous Schrodinger’s Cat gedankenexperiment.  Back in 1992, Aharonov first came up with this concept in relation to a theoretical device that could reverse or advance time for someone inside his device. Research, based in part on his idea, has now been extended to the point where time travel for people is nearing reality. That means, that for all his proclaimed genius, it could be possible for Mallett to visit his father in person, within a year – but not because of a single solitary thing that could be derived from his research. As for as the realization of time travel is concerned, Ronald Mallett has contributed nothing but worthless hype and misdirection.
As an aside, your understanding of the design and functionality of Mallett’s device – if it were to work (which it can’t, not even hypothetically), is wrong as evidenced by the following from your materials:

“…the CIA obtains an operative version of Dr. Mallett’s time machine on April 4, 2010. Assume they turn it on this date as well so that it can begin creating closed time-like curves. On September 11, 2010, terrorists fly commercial airplanes into the World Trade Center. On September 12, 2010, government officials send a message back in time to August 11, 2010, with instructions that will allow the terror attack to be averted. That sounds good. Doesn’t it? Think of all the catastrophes that could be prevented.Think of all the “lives that could be saved.” Doesn’t that sound terribly cliché? Anyway…”

You should read  to understand not only how it won’t work per his description, but also how it fails the accurate functionality of temporal mechanics as it has now been proved. Your scenario violates the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics and has been proved wrong with the experiments that I’ve conducted in retrocausality as you’ll read in the link I’ve provided. It can now be shown that any attempt to affect that past results in brining into causation, new, parallel universes – either copies of the present with new or discontinuous pasts, or new copies of the past with no causal link to the present from which the time travel action originated from. In other words, there would be no saving lives lost in some terrorist attack, or any other disaster, only saving lives in a copy of the past that didn’t even exist before the time travel effort was made, just like copies of decohered branches of the universe don’t exist prior to a measurement event.

I understand that you want heroes for young African American children, but it does no good if it turns out that those heroes are frauds. Already, the African American Registry not only deleted the description of Mallett as a time travel scientist, but when they saw the extent that he had willingly been involved with fraud and misrepresentation, they completely took him out of their registry, all together, as you can see here – . I can promise you, Ronald Mallett is on a spiral, right now, that will lead to the total and complete destruction of his career and everything that he’s in your lesson plan for. As the true, world leader on time travel physics, as well as a victim of his betrayal back in 2007 when I actually tried to help him but was lied to and taken advantage of for 5 years, the demise of his reputation is certain.

There has been a vast and concerted effort to promote him in the past, and despite the fact that he is now being exposed, some have made the critical error of continuing to do so. An example of that can be seen in reading where reporter Brittany Shamma actually allows Mallett to describe himself as victim of the scam his partner, Scott J. Cooper ran. Mallett was paid $5,000 by Cooper and only lost the opportunity to try to raise $500M with Cooper when the FTC came in and shut Cooper’s company down. Meanwhile, Cooper’s real victims lost as much, in some cases, as their life savings, and yet Mallett’s involvement in the advancement of Cooper’s scheme was covered-up by the Miami New Times, even though both reporter Brittany Shammas and her editor knew what the truth was (see ).  Something that they will be exposed for very soon.

On the evening of Monday, January 29th at 5 PM Pacific time, I will be appearing live on the Fenton Perspective, hosted by Lorien Fenton, on Revolution Radio, the number one commercial free, listener supported radio station in the world, and I will tell everything. You can hear for yourself the true story of Ronald Mallett, from a person who knows him only too well.  It’s unfortunate that you were taken in by this elaborate media hoax, that I call the ‘Mallett Myth’, but I think you will agree that to continue promoting your lessons based on him, would not only be grossly unfair to the children reading them, but also do damage to your education efforts and reputation, which would be smeared and tarnished as Mallett continues to be exposed and discredited in the weeks to come.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at my email address.

– Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng






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