They Asked for “Disruption”, Now They’re Getting It…

By Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng
Copyright July 5th, 2012 All Rights Reserved

Welcome to Paranovation, a blog that I originally started over at but moved here because of too many 502 errors and threats that they would suspend my blog because I never sent back the activation link which they repeatedly failed to send me. Hopefully my experience will be a massive improvement. So all of my posts from there have been moved here, as you will be able to tell since they’re all dated.

As someone who had spent over 40 years working on radical innovations and inventions, I have found that the current industry of innovation promotion, or what I sometimes call “hype” has become flooded with people who know little about the subject, so much so that the industry is way passed being counter productive to business. It’s become, in many ways, a threat. When the amount of misinformation and contradictory concepts reaches the level that it misleads business leaders into wasting time, money and resources, as well as promoting strategies that will cause a business to become vulnerable to a competitor, then you have a situation where plausible threats to business exist. In effect, it’s no different from getting bad medical or legal advice except that in this field no one is getting sued. In fact, the innovation hype industry have insulated themselves by promoting the idea that failure is good, that innovators have a responsibility to fail and that you should fail fast, and fail smart, if you can believe such nonsense. But if you are in a business that is concerned with innovation, you’ve probably heard some of this already. The question is – did you believe it?

I created this blog for one purpose and one purpose alone. To fight back against these threats by exposing them for what they are. You see, they’re no threat to me – I already know how to innovate and be creative on a level far above anyone else I know and I have the track record to prove it. What this is about is saving YOU from the pitfalls that this industry is creating. You may have read the New Yorker article by Jill Lepore about the fallacies of disruption theory. In that she mentioned the fact that this industry has attracted its share of “hucksters” though she came nowhere near the reality of the situation. Simultaneously, she’s in no position to do anything about it. As I created this blog originally more than a month before her story was published, I was already aware of the situation and had begun commenting on it in my blog. As a member of a number of innovation organizations, I had seen first hand what was going on for over a year, and had finally determined to do something about it. Paranovation is part of the result.

Anyone can counter attack Lepore and some have begun to. She’s not an innovator. She’s an academic – a historian. Not only do I have a massive track record in innovation but it includes a background as a conceptual theorist and a specialist in propaganda, psychological operations and information warfare. I intend to wage a war against this wave upon wave of B.S that threatens to take this industry over and the whole disruption theory in particular. All of these mindless morons blabbing about disruption this and disrupting that and are not only clueless as to what it actually means from the Clay Christensen founding of the idea but more importantly, clueless to the fact that no one has to settle for what they think will be disruptive. The fact is that anything can be disrupted, in the original sense of the word and I intend to be that disruption to all of this nonsense. In one of my posts, you’ll see what happened when an innovation hypester tried to take me down after I was critical of one of his posts on another site. My point being that I am in an unique position to take this task on because no one can come back and say, “Well, what do you know? What’s your background??”. For that matter, my bio and background is here, and my press office feed is here. Check them out for yourself.

You will find this blog to be strident, straight forward and sometimes abrasive. The posts also tend to be longer than most blogs but that’s because I have something worthwhile to say, and if you can’t figure out how to bookmark it to read later, or just don’t have the attention span to keep reading, then it’s not for you anyway. I make no apologies for that, in fact, I believe that it acts as a filter. I have no interest in cow-towing to the lowest common denominators in society, and I am sure that readers that have similar concerns as I address, and “get it”, will find the fair that I offer up here to be beyond compare. There is probably no one else in the field that can match the diversity of my background or the level of innovative achievement, so my insights come from a point of view that is as unique as it is advanced.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy Paranovation: The Falsification of Innovation.


  1. gary kistler

    dear marshall barnes i have a question for you if you time travel back to 1971 like you say you can in a year or two would the cars be the same as i remember them like for example would the buick pontiacs and oldsmobiles have the engines in them like i rememberthe 455 and would richard nixon be president and im really looking forward to reading more about how your getting closer to acheiving what i thought is the impossible time travel to the past im a big time travel fan i have books about havent bought yours yet but i should sincerely gary kistler

    Liked by 1 person

    • marshallbarnes

      Yeah. All of those things should be the same because the target is exactly that era as it was. However, once I, or anyone who would time travel to the past, gets there, then changes could and would be made, some just minor. However, in my case, I’m changing a few major things, as I have described in my blog, Preparation Diary of a Time Travel Scientist (see I plan on saving the life of a record producer who died so he and I can team-up with Tony Zanetta and Paul Kanter and change the future of multi-media rock entertainment before anyone even would’ve thought of it. In fact, we will do MTV before MTV can happen the way that it did. Utopia Video will never close. Other things will be different as well because of advanced knowledge that I have and knowledge of advanced things that will be ahead of their time but well within the range of achievement. However, none of what I do there will affect anything that will happen or has happened here.



    dear marshall thanks for replying to my question so quickihave another question for you will your time machine work kinda like the one in timeless will it arrive at its destination as quickly and will it be capable of returning to the present like the one in time less thanks and ireally enjoy reading your updates thank gary kistler


    • marshallbarnes

      No, it wouldn’t work like the one in Timeless. According to the script writers for Timeless, who have but a pedestrian level at best, understanding of time travel, their time machines create closed time-like curves to travel back in time. From the special effect rendering of it, it appears to create a strong gravitational field that warps space and time around it and then it disappears. They also need a pilot to operate the machine where if the travel were instant, they could make the machine run on autopilot. That’s what I’m planning on doing for preliminary tests with models too small for a human. However, in the last Timeless episode, something went wrong while the time machine was traveling. The problem with that is that there is no “travel” during true time travel, You are there instantly. Also, true time travel doesn’t create closed time-like curves. Why? Because all the experts know that CTCs aren’t found anywhere in reality and their very nature is in question. Second, any action that would effect the past instantly brings into causation a new, parallel universe copy of either the present, which will have a discontinuous past – or a new parallel universe copy of the past which will have no causal link to the present from which the time travel action originated. This is beyond argument. It’s already been proved through multiple, physical experiments, formulas and analysis and I will challenge any so-called expert to debate me on it. It’s that solid. In fact, I’m working on a resolution to the backward causation problem that has been discovered by Yakir Aharonov, to put the final ending to the idea. Like similar retrocausal experiments, I’m sure that I will find and prove that the results that they’re getting are being misinterpreted because of the model for time that they’re using.

      So, while it may appear that the time machines on Timeless, travel instantly, the clueless writers at Timeless have ruined that idea with their most recent episode. In my case, my time machine will of course, ‘travel’ instantly, if I must even use that word. I think the proper term would be, ‘translate’ as opposed to ‘travel’. It will be here and then be translated to a new, parallel universe copy of the past, the translation secured by the isolation caused by its Fredrick field which will “rotate it” out of our time, thereby causing into existence a new, parallel universe copy of the past into which it will complete its rotation. That means that everything inside the Fredrick field is isolated from the external environment, then subjected to a probability function (physically, not mathematically) whereby the probability for translation into the past will be amplified to the extent that the Participatory nature of the universe will complete the translation. Again, that “rotation” is instant. That term is strictly a geometric designation reflecting the quantum mechanical formalism which this procedure is based on. Decoherence between universal branches is described as splitting off into 90 degree bifurcations. The time machine will not decohere its position but will rotate 90 degrees out of it and into the new parallel universe copy. This is even suggested by the Necker cube structure found in Euclidean geometry but not recognized as such, much to the fact that mathematicians don’t realize that the shift that they see in Necker cubes is a 90 degree shift and not 180 degrees. That’s a discovery I made and presented in my first scientific presentation, back in 2004, at the International Mars Society Conference.

      As for returning to the present, theoretically it could, but I don’t want to return, so I don’t feel like putting the time and effort into working on that problem. However, if I needed to (God only knows why) I could build another in the past with the intent on returning. That’s why it’s important to not time travel anywhere where you could get stuck if you have to make repairs or rebuild.


  3. gary kistler

    dear marshall barnes i was wondering if your time machine will work like the one in timeless would it instantly transport you back into the past and would it instantly transport you back into the present or would it be slower thanks for your last reply if this machine can do what you say it will be the biggest breakthrough in my lifetime cant wait to hear more


  4. gary kistler

    ddear marshall thanks for responding i really enjoy reading about your work and was wondering if your machine has the same ability to travel into the future and is there alimit to how far in it can go in the future for example could it go 1000 years into the future thanks for all the responses love reading all your posts


  5. gary kistler

    dear marshall i have a question for you how long will it be before time travel will be possible for the average person i really like reading all your updates thanks for all the updates


    • marshallbarnes

      Don’t count on it! The only reason I can write and talk about it as I do is because I don’t reveal completely how to do it. When I do it and it works, I can’t reveal it before I take off because the government would interfere and any release of information would be taken down from the web. So there is no way that the “average” person is going to be able to time travel unless someone who knows how, fights for the right to make it available. That’s not me. I have made many personal sacrifices in order to do this research and I didn’t do that to risk getting shut down while I fight to turn the technology into some kind of tourist business. I did it for one reason and one reason alone – to escape what I see on the future horizon…


  6. gary kistler

    dear marshall barnes thanks for replying to all my questions i read that your doing some presentations in the washington dc area i was just wondering if your ever going to come to the inlandnorthwest area like around spokane washington area i would love going to one of your presentations since you are the top expert in timetravel i think about timetravel everytime i look at an old photo and think of one day going back to the past and hope one day it will be possibleand beleive it will be thanks for responding


  7. A.E.Ansari

    Sir marshall barnes i was wondering if your time machine will work.
    But in your area of research nothing to say about time travel.
    It may be something else.

    I am also a time travel researcher about 6 years.
    And i am dam sure and i have practically examine and confirmed about my experiment.
    But there’s financially problem .
    Please contact me if you really interested in time machine.


    • marshallbarnes

      You don’t know that you have anything until you prove it works. Period. That’s the bar you have to match. The stuff I talk about I differentiate between research and actual devices and technology. I’m very clear about which is which.


  8. airpulsenews

    I am intrigued with people like yourselves trying to make a timemachine to take us to the past. I have been studying the special theory and general theory of relativity online just for fun and out of curiosity. I think general theory of relativity is somewhat linked to time travel. Do you agree? I also think quantum mechanics will provide more of the answers also why dont you work a long side with Ronald L Mallet, perhaps with a bigger research team and more brains on this, we may be able to actually build a time-machine. One team should focus just on the theoretical physics and the other on engineering.
    I have studied computer science and I have to say, it does make sense to send binary codes/messages back through or forward in time! I do believe that is definitely in the realms of possibility.
    Do not give up your quest. You have my backing no matter how unorthodox you do things
    Kind Regards
    Christopher Boardman
    also known as Mrcheekymonkey1996 on YouTube.


    • marshallbarnes

      Both theories of relativity are DEADENDS when it comes to time travel. Anyone seriously working in the field knows that for OBVIOUS reasons. The main ones being you need a space program to use either one of them. Good-luck with that! As for Ronald Mallett, I offered him the opportunity to work with me and he laughed until I told him that he’s lose all rights to his claims if I beat him to building one. Then he proved what a liar and con man he is by getting involved with Scott J. Cooper and breaking Florida laws against false and misleading advertising. I now know more about who Ronald Mallett really is than I did back then and I know more about time travel science now than he’s ever learned. The man isn’t fit to be in the same room with me, let alone claim to be a time travel scientist. He’s a proven liar, con-artist and fraud. He’ll be totally exposed and ruined fairly soon now that the FBI is also investigating Scott J. Cooper’s firm.


  9. Anonymous person

    What will I need to do to speed up your process of building a time machine and to let me in on it to travel, cause I don’t want to have to wait years among years for it for when it becomes available to the public. Cause god knows how long that will be. So will you ever let anyone in on your project to make a quick time travel?


  10. gary kistler

    dear marshall why all the articles on the internet about you appear to be writed by you? thanks for responding


  11. ronald stroucken.

    hello marshall barnes.i love your research on time you think that there are more countrys in the world who research timetravel,and build one?


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