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Open Letter To Jomo W. Mutegi, Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Mutegi:


I’m writing you in regards to your lesson plans that you offer based on the work of Ronald L. Mallett of the University of Connecticut. They have been offered through Teachers for Pay (see https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Ron-Mallet-The-Time-Traveler-361631 ). 

“University of Connecticut professor of physics Dr. Ronald Mallett has developed and received a patent on his blueprint for a Time Travel Machine.”

This statement is false but I know why you believe that he does have a patent. It’s a part of his chicanery. In 2003 he did apply for a provisional patent.  Most people don’t know what that means. A provisional patent allows you to introduce an idea with protection, to the patent office, without filing a full patent. It gives you the same protection as a full patent but only for a year. By the time that year ends, you must submit a full patent application, which is a lot more expensive and demands more detail in description, both in technical terms and in what is known as “art”. Ronald Mallett failed to file for a full patent and he allowed the provisional one to expire. I know. He both told me so in 2012 and earlier last year the Patent Office confirmed it to me when I talked with them using query ticket number 1 – 496122341.

Furthermore, he neglected to report this fact in his book, Time Traveler, although it was released two years after the patent had expired. I believe this was done deliberately to deceive people like you, into believing exactly what you have – that he has a patent for a time machine. Again:

And while there are some physicists who have disputed certain aspects of his work, there is little dispute that Dr. Mallett’s work brings us very close to the possibility of time travel in the near future.” 

This is also totally and completely false. Mallett’s work does nothing to bring us closer to time travel. I know. I’m the world’s leading researcher on the subject and have had several major breakthroughs, last year alone, which bring us to the point that the first design for a human time machine has been completed. The real science of time travel has absolutely nothing to do with Mallett’s research, which relies on Einstein’s theory of General Relativity which is absolutely worthless for time travel because none of the solutions can be achieved. Even Mallett admitted that his own solution would require energy at stellar quantities – the same type of objections that you refer to, but that’s not all. I did a careful analysis of his provisional patent application as well as his papers and descriptions in his book and Mallett’s machine would never work, even if it did meet the astronomical energy requirements. Why not? Because his design is based on the wrong model of the nature of time and makes fatal hidden assumptions that only an expert of temporal mechanics like me would recognize. I want to stress – having a PhD in theoretical physics does not automatically make you an expert in temporal mechanics.

“Dr. Mallett’s time machine only enables travel back to the point in time wherein the machine is turned on. In addition, Dr. Mallett’s time machine will not be transporting people anytime soon. Among other problems with transporting people are the energy demands that would be required. What is more likely is that Dr. Mallett’s machine will be used to transmit subatomic particles and…information”

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