Open Letter To The American Institute of Physics: Center for History of Physics, Gregory A. Good, Director

Dear Mr. Good:

I’m writing this open letter to inform you that you may want to reconsider the promotion and distribution of the Bending Space and Time: Dr. Ronald Mallett and his Quest to Build A Time Machine  lesson plan based on Professor Ronald L. Mallett, of the University of Connecticut. You may not be aware of it, but Professor Mallett has been involved in activities connected with attempted fraud, misrepresentation and has been caught lying in the press. Some of these activities involve a Federal Trade Commission investigation, as well as blatant misrepresentations of his research, which affects your lesson plan directly. These serious allegations are no joke, and the proof is in this letter.

Without further adieu, let me cut to the chase:

1. In November of last year, Mallett joined the advisory board of one Scott J. Cooper and his firm, World Patent Marketing (see  ).

2. 2015 Mallett formed a company with Cooper called Time Travel Technologies in Miami, FL (see  ). In 2016, Time Travel Technologies appears to have been absorbed into World Patent Marketing directly.

3. They then announced that they would fund his research (which is non-existent, see *) by selling a “theoretical commodity” called Time Travel X (see Fig. #1 graphic below) which would be linked to the value of Bit Coin, which is a lie. The only value that it would’ve had would be linked the value of Mallett’s research which is again, non-existent*. I’ll get to why, in a minute.

4. They then produced a video promo filled with false statements and misrepresentations, in violation of Florida law 817.06 prohibiting such advertisements. I reported this to the Florida AG’s office who then told me that my report had been sent to the FTC who was already starting to act against Cooper and WPM for fraud, misrepresentation, etc. This effectively killed Mallett and Cooper’s activities before they could be fully launched, although they had started making Time Travel X available for $799 (see Fig. #1 below)

(Fig. #1. A screen grab from a World Patent Marketing page that’s now been deleted by WPM attorneys, showing WPM had begun to offer Time Travel X for $799)

5. As it stands, Mallett could be forced to testify in a court of law, in regards to these activities in a number of civil actions already under way, including the FTC law suit that is going to trial later this year, in October. In public, Mallett is claiming to be a victim of WPM as well, however, I have attached a tweet (Fig. 3) and a Facebook post (Fig. 2) which shows Mallett directly promoting the promo video that was in violation of Florida law.


Hello Everyone, Yesterday, July 4, was the official project launch announcement for Time Travel Technologies. The World Patent Marketing promotional video for the project can be seen at:
In the coming months project developments will be announced.

Time Travel Technologies Day(s) : Hour(s) : Minute(s) : Second(s) Get Product Launch Updates What if Time Travel wasn’t just an idea? Time Travel X is a theoretical…
 (Fig. #2.  Copy of Ronald Mallett Facebook post promoting the Time Travel X theoretical commodity that was created for him by Scott J. Cooper of World Patent Marketing)

(Fig. #3. July 8th 2016 tweet from Ronald L. Mallett promoting the World Patent Marketing video promoting purchase of Time Travel X )

This proves collusion with Cooper in attempting to defraud potential buyers, as well as the fact that Mallett has been lying to the media about being a victim. After all, the true victims of Scott Cooper and WPM, lost money. Mallett was paid $5,000 to be an advisory board member (see 6 paragraphs below photo of Brenda Wilcox who lost $13,000)  and would have benefited from his collusion with Cooper, according to what he told Ravina Rawal of Motherland magazine – to the tune of $500 millionif the FTC hadn’t stepped in (see, about mid-way down, under, SO WHERE DO THINGS STAND RIGHT NOW? ). That proves that Mallett is willing to tell an out and out lie if it will save face. The fact that he has the audacity and unmitigated gall, to claim to be a victim, when some of WPM’s real victims lost their life savings, is nothing less than despicable. It also proves Mallett’s secret dark side – it’s all about him. “Poor me – my father died when I was 10”, “Poor me – my family was poor because of it”, “Poor me – I had to face racial discrimination”, “Poor me – I couldn’t figure out how to properly go back in time with my time machine idea”, “Poor me – I got $5,000 but not the $500 million I was promised, so I’M A VICTIM TOO!”

(Link to Sun-Sentinel video story that states that Mallett claims he didn’t get his WPM funding – )

I want to emphasize that all of the above claims, prior to the FTC intervention, along with the supporting evidence, was sent to the Florida Attorney General’s office with the suggestion that it contained potential violations of Florida Law regarding misrepresentation and fraud in advertising, and subsequently they forwarded the report, in total, to the FTC who was shutting down World Patent Marketing for fraud and misrepresentation. Because the FTC was shutting down WPM and subsequently the project with Mallett, there was no need for the Florida AG’s office to act on its own, however, they would not have forwarded the report to the FTC if they hadn’t felt that it contained credible evidence connected to the FTC’s investigation.

*Now on to his “non-existent” research.

The pretense, that Ronald Mallett is any kind of time travel researcher or scientist, is a mockery of the highest order against those of us who are and have contributed significant information to the field. Ronald Mallett has done nothing but create a flawed and incomplete design for a time machine based on an error in his shoddy attempt to find solutions in Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. He now admits this, but I digress.

1. Ronald Mallett has never published a paper on time travel research. Not one. Check his web page. He published several papers which deal with various aspects of his idea on how to twist space and time using a circulating laser beam. That’s all. Those are about his invention ideas, not papers on time travel theory or concepts, showing that he lacks expertise in the area, and for good reason. He doesn’t have the mind for it. On page 153 in his book, Time Traveler, he states, in regards to his paper, Weak Gravitational Field of the Electromagnetic Radiation and a Ring Laser, that “This work represented my first breakthrough in time travel research. Although there was no mention of ‘time travel’ in the published paper, the research was a necessary stepping stone in my attempt to develop the theory and design for a man-made time machine based on a circulating beam of light”. However, designing a time machine that you think will produce a time travel effect doesn’t mean anything unless you know and understand the theories and physics of time travel and Ronald Mallett has shown repeatedly that he lacks that knowledge and the ability to even grasp it.

Case in point, in the 2002 documentary, The World’s First Time Machine, featuring him and his idea on time travel, Mallett states, in regards to parallel universes and paradoxes, “As far I’m concerned, the paradoxes that people talk about are only going to be resolved after we build the first time machine. Then we will know whether or not free will enters into it, whether there’s multiple universes or whether the universe is determined. That’s going to have to be understood experimentally.”

(at 1:57 on the video counter, Ronald Mallett makes the statement that proves he’s not a time travel scientist but just promoting his one idea for a time machine.)


Clearly, Mallett was completely ignorant of the 1995 research and subsequent 1997 paper published by the journal Foundations of Physics, of German astrophysicist Rainer Plaga, proposing a method whereby lasers, and ions in a magnetic trap, could be used to test for the evidence of parallel universes. A series of experiments, linking retrocausality to parallel universes as a solution to paradoxes has been done recently with similar results to those predicted by Plaga. The irony is, that if Mallett was actually doing serious time travel research, he would’ve known about Plaga’s work and seen the possibility of doing some kind of test and made the discovery – a real one, back in the late 1990s instead of pontificating, as if he were an expert, on TV, in 2002.

2. Although his claim to fame, which is the reason behind of the lesson plan in question, was that he found solutions in equations from Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity that would enable him to twist space and time into a loop – without tremendous energy requirements normally associated with such exotic activities, in fact, he didn’t. Since 2005, Ken Olum, Alan Everett, J.R. Gott and even Michio Kaku, have pointed out reasons why Mallett’s work was flawed. Although he made adjustments, based on Gott’s objections, even in his book he fails to address the ones from Olum and Everett. Kaku’s objections, which were not original, followed the book’s publication.

In the abstract of Olum and Everett’s paper, Can a circulating light beam produce a time machine?, it states, “In a recent paper, Mallett found a solution of the Einstein equations in which closed timelike curves (CTC’s) are present in the empty space outside an infinitely long cylinder of light moving in circular paths around an axis. Here we show that, for physically realistic energy densities, the CTC’s occur at distances from the axis greater than the radius of the visible universe by an immense factor. We then show that Mallett’s solution has a curvature singularity on the axis, even in the case where the intensity of the light vanishes. Thus it is not the solution one would get by starting with Minkowski space and establishing a cylinder of light.”

Furthermore, in my paper, The Invalidation of the Time Travel Physics of the Ronald L. Mallett, PhD LOTART Design by the Rachel, Emily and Suzy Experiments , I stated in the abstract, “The book, Time Traveler: A Scientist’s Personal Mission To Make Time Travel A Reality, makes the claim that Ronald L. Mallett, a professor at the University of Connecticut who has been  promoted the world over for the last 14 years as “being closer than ever” to building the first time machine, filed a provisional patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on July 2, 2003 although no such record can be found online. Using a description of the device from the alleged patent filing, it is determined that issues regarding causality and descriptions of its operation are inadequetly dealt with, indicating a deficiency with regard to any rigor that such a concept would demand in terms of the knowledge and comprehension of temporal mechanics.  Although this state of affairs is rampant in many theoretical physics papers, as will be shown, the fact that this is a technological claim on the part of Mallett, elevates the significance of both its relevance and the evidence for its deficiency. Now, a series of actual physical experiments by the author proves that the device described by Mallett would never work due explicitly to the physics of the conceptual structure on which it is based, and Mallett’s demonstration of not only a total and complete lack of comprehension of temporal geometry, but a stated position of disinterest until his device is built, which invalidates his reputation as a “time travel scientist”.

The crux of my criticism, which I proved, is devastating to the function of Mallett’s design under any circumstances. The simple fact that his design invokes CTCs, without any description of how they are to function, goes to the heart of determining if the device could ever do what is advertised. The stated disinterest comes, once again from Mallett himself –

Now, this doesn’t mean that a time machine will be realized soon. I’m the theoretical guy. The experimental physicists will have to take on the daunting – and very expensive – role of testing my theory.  This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. So although I don’t expect time travel to be a reality in my lifetime, I do consider my part in this process a fitting tribute to Einstein and a loving tribute to my father. 

That very revealing quote comes from, the February 16, 2015 article,  Ron Mallett, UConn – Theories of Time Travel, the last paragraph – and clearly shows that inside his head he expects other physicists to “take on the daunting and very expensive role of testing his theory”. Wait a minute! What happened to his quest to build his time machine? What does that mean for the money that’s already been raised? In a moment of rare honesty, he’s saying – despite what he’s been telling the media, that he doesn’t expect time travel to be a reality in his lifetime! But what is it that he does expect? That “his part” will be a fitting tribute to Einstein! It proves what I’ve been saying about him for years now – that he’s in this for the fame, that he has no intention of building a time machine – just talking about it for exposure – and hasn’t for years now, and that he expects to be seen in line with Einstein for his non-existent “breakthrough”. That means the fund raising attempts he made with Scott Cooper would’ve been fraud since he really doesn’t see himself doing the real work at all and, contrary to the statements in their video promo, he doesn’t see time travel happening in his “lifetime”.

3. Finally, in November of 2015, Mallett admitted to Nsikan Akpan of PBS NewsHour (7th pp from the bottom) that it would take “stellar quantities” of energy to make his plan work. That effectively means it’s near impossible and puts his research in the highly theoretical category of Richard Gott’s cosmic strings, Kip Thorne’s wormholes and Frank Tipler’s Tipler cylinder. That is the complete opposite of what Mallett’s accomplishment was supposed to have been. His “breakthrough” was supposedly his discovery of how to twist time and space with a rotating laser array at normal power levels. However, Mallett still maintains a 501c3 project with the University of Connecticut to raise money for his twisting time and space into a loop and then launched the effort to do time travel based on his same research, with Cooper. That was one of the number of reasons their promo violated the law – it specifically said they could make time travel a reality based on Mallett’s research – research that was flawed and hadn’t advanced in nearly 20 years, not because it is hard – dramatic advancements have been made elsewhere. The evidence points to the fact that he wasn’t even trying. He was just concentrating on getting fame. More than that, in a legal deposition with the FTC, that FTC attorney James Evans related to me, Cooper admitted that the intent of the Time Travel X program wasn’t to make a time machine, but to market “spin-off” technologies in communication. Cooper, being no physicist, didn’t understand that Mallett’s idea for using his theory to “push space” to make faster communication possible makes no sense, since that would require a method to move space faster than light and Mallett has exhibited no understanding of how to do such a thing, which on its face appears to be impossible.  Below, he’s in a video promoted by the Lavin Agency which has promoted Mallett with many false statements and videos with misleading titles.


If it seems confusing that he would even suggest such a thing, it becomes easier to understand once you realize that nothing of substance that you’ve been told about him is true and this is starting to come to light. Facing the eventual discrediting of his theory of time travel, he desperately needed to have something from his theory that would still make it a “breakthrough” when in reality, it’s not. Why didn’t he just rethink it and go “back to the drawing board”? Because, sadly enough, he can’t. This was his one and only shot and he doesn’t have it in his head to do anything else but that one theory. He didn’t even try to after he realized that his theory wouldn’t enable him to do the thing that he claims is the all important reason he wanted to build a time machine in the first place – to go back in time and save his father’s life. Page 173 from his book, “Why I didn’t see this sooner, I don’t know. Perhaps it was again a matter of being too close to the equations to see the big scheme of things. What it meant was that when the first time machine that could transport a human became operational, our descendants might be able to visit us, but we could never visit our ancestors.” Then on 174, “I would not be able to use my time machine to see my father…My father was gone, and there was nothing I could do about it…” Notice, he didn’t say that he tried and tried other ways, or anything else. No. He just quits with that one idea. Then again, on page 165 we get at least one clue as to why – “As a theoretical physicist I learned long ago that I did not have the aptitude for experimental work.” A first key to doing experimental work is knowing what means and methods would be required to do an experiment and that requires a full understanding of what the experiment is about. That’s where Mallett’s shortcomings, in the theoretical area, insure his failure in the experimental ones. Mallett’s idea is based on the twisting of time and space into a loop, essentially a closed time-like curve. But exactly the nature of CTCs is open to debate within the physics community and furthermore, none have been seen anywhere. The overwhelming evidence so far is that they are simply mathematical graphs. Mallett never addresses what happens when the loop is complete and he invokes a series of such loops which he says will become like a slinky toy but provides zero descriptions on how closed loops are then going to open and then link together to form this spiral he then describes. In other words, right within his design he has a major hidden assumption that is critical to whether his idea will even work – aside from his now admitted problems with the energy requirements. 

4. Although he did apply for and received a provisional patent for his time machine design from the U.S. patent office in 2003, a fact which he used to gain credibility for the idea that he was “on the verge” of actually building it, in reality, he allowed that provisional patent to expire and never reported it to anyone, not even in his book that came out in 2006. On page 178 of his book, first paragraph he states, “The government granted a provisional patent for LOTART in August 2003”. He never says that he let it expire the following year, but the Patent office told me he did, in query ticket # 1 – 496122341, in published in my paper, The Invalidation of the Time Travel Physics of the Ronald L. Mallett, PhD LOTART Design By The Rachel, Emily and Suzy Experiments of Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng. That means he deliberately hid that he was never granted a full patent on his idea, relying instead on the assumption that people would have – that in fact, he was eventually granted that patent. This is but one of many examples of where Mallett routinely uses con artistry to project far greater accomplishments than he has achieved. And as I suggested, I have recently discovered a blatant example of someone fooled by this maneuver – “University of Connecticut professor of physics Dr. Ronald Mallett has developed and received a patent on his blueprint for a Time Travel Machine”. His lesson plan’s made up to use Ronald Mallett’s work to teach time travel physics like yours. I have also notified Dr. Mutegi that he has been “had”.  Already, Dr. Mutegi has begun removing lessons based on Mallett (see ).

5. Mallett has recently removed the link, from the new UConn website where his faculty page is located, which went to his original personal page with all of the time travel related publicity, activities and recognitions. The original new page is archived here where you can see that the last line below his photograph is the URL for original web page. You can see as well, that on his new page, he makes no mention of time travel under his list of research topics. Quite odd, don’t you think, for a man who has become world famous as a “time travel scientist”? The reason he’s done this is because all of his misrepresentations and frauds are coming back on him now in the wake of the World Patent Marketing debacle. Both the African American Registry and TEDxVienna have deleted him from their sites, and long time supporters, Hyperfizzics, which used to promote that a percentage of their drink sales would be donated to his cause, have apparently dropped all mention of him from their web site. Ronald Mallett has become a poster boy for the number one rule any scientist should never forgetdon’t claim you have done something before you have. Since Mallett was featured on the cover of the May 19, 2001 issue of New Scientist magazine with the headline, Flashback: Introducing the World’s First Time Machine, he has received accolades based on nothing but pure hype. That was nearly 20 years ago and he’s just now mentioning that maybe, he can find a solution to going back before the time machine is created, from quantum mechanics. His career has been based on snowing people who believed the hype from that initial story from New Scientist and that includes the American Institute of Physics, Center of the History of Physics. However, once he went over the line with Cooper, as far as ethics and legality is concerned, the game changed, and the tide has turned against him and will become a tsunami before the end of this year.

Now, how this affects your lesson plan:

These following quotes are taken from the lesson plan in question and are now false on their face:

1.” Professor Ronald “Ron” Mallett is one of those few people who have delved into the world of Einstein and has spent his life working to make time travel a

That is totally and completely FALSE. He certainly hasn’t done anything the last 15 years on time travel and as I have shown, he quit after he found one solution which he admits wouldn’t even accomplish his  asserted goal – going back to save his father’s life. Beyond that, there is no evidence that he has done any work on time travel.

2.  “Since that talk, he discovered a crucial limitation in his theory – though one could send a subatomic particle back in time with his machine, it
could travel no farther than the creation of that machine. ”

Right there is the so-called “roadblock” where Mallett chose to stop. The fact that he gave up and didn’t look for any other ways is sterling proof that he’s not a time travel scientist. Furthermore, as has been previously stated, he has never written any paper on time travel science, merely assuming that he understood the subject when in fact, his lack of understanding is what led to the criticism of his work by Olum, Everett, Gott, and Kaku. That means he can’t send a subatomic particle anywhere back in time because his machine design is flawed, as well as not meeting the energy requirements.

3. “Mallett did not give up, but instead continued his work. He carries on his research in time travel and his teaching at the University of Connecticut to
this day.”

Completely FALSE. He has given up and has shown no progress in his theories or thinking because there is nothing to report. This is one of the fundamental reasons that Ronald Mallett is a fraud. Might I remind you that he has never, ever, written a single paper addressing any of the issues of time travel in his entire career? NONE! What kind of scientist in any scientific discipline, does that? Now, he even hides his involvement on the official UConn web site. Furthermore, simply listening to the many interviews he has given over the years, on Youtube, shows that he has been saying the same things, over and over again, for years – with no mention of any progress in his work or any work that he may have done in the area of time travel. No, it’s all about his one, faulty idea for a time machine and his fake desire to see his father again. Below is just a sampling of the closed time-like curve that is Ronald Mallett’s never ending story of always being on the verge of building a time machine:


April 2007


September 2007

September 2009


October 2012



April 2015

It’s always the same story with no evidence of new research!

Ronald Mallett is going to become the greatest disgrace in the history of physics. In your lessons, he’s painted as someone to look up to and learn from. I can’t control what you do with your educational materials, but I can promise you this – Mallett’s name and reputation is about to explode and go down in flames with the ensuing conflagration burning everyone and everything that stays associated with him, which is why organizations have already started cutting their ties, now. More will come, but the scandal will surpass the one over cold fusion because of the clear intent and active participation, in deliberate misrepresentation and fraud. The evidence you’ve seen so far is just skimming the tip of the proverbial ice berg. I simply didn’t want to belabor the obvious, but in fact, the evidence against Mallett far exceeds what I’ve shown you and it is of the quality that attorneys always hope for in use in courts of law. That’s why he’s made no effort to sue me for defamation, because he knows that I’m telling the truth and can and will prove it.

This is just a friendly advisory. As a STEM professional who was part of Scientific American’s 1000 Scientists in a 1000 Days program, as well as the Top Scientist for National Lab Day in 2009 and 2010, and a Grand Judge for the 2011 D.C. Science and Engineering fair, I’m sure you don’t want your STEM efforts to be linked to a man, who’s very reason you’ve made lesson plans based on him, is in the process of being exposed as a colossal con job on a grand scale, which your organization fell for.

If you have any questions you can email me. I’ll check and see if you still keep the lessons up, and report my findings during my next interviews following my appearance on the Fenton Perspective radio program on the Inception Radio Network –  February 28th, just one of the many interviews that I’ll be giving as the Ronald Mallett scam collapses.




Marshall Barnes R&D Eng







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