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Open Letter To Jomo W. Mutegi, Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Mutegi:


I’m writing you in regards to your lesson plans that you offer based on the work of Ronald L. Mallett of the University of Connecticut. They have been offered through Teachers for Pay (see https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Ron-Mallet-The-Time-Traveler-361631 ). 

“University of Connecticut professor of physics Dr. Ronald Mallett has developed and received a patent on his blueprint for a Time Travel Machine.”

This statement is false but I know why you believe that he does have a patent. It’s a part of his chicanery. In 2003 he did apply for a provisional patent.  Most people don’t know what that means. A provisional patent allows you to introduce an idea with protection, to the patent office, without filing a full patent. It gives you the same protection as a full patent but only for a year. By the time that year ends, you must submit a full patent application, which is a lot more expensive and demands more detail in description, both in technical terms and in what is known as “art”. Ronald Mallett failed to file for a full patent and he allowed the provisional one to expire. I know. He both told me so in 2012 and earlier last year the Patent Office confirmed it to me when I talked with them using query ticket number 1 – 496122341.

Furthermore, he neglected to report this fact in his book, Time Traveler, although it was released two years after the patent had expired. I believe this was done deliberately to deceive people like you, into believing exactly what you have – that he has a patent for a time machine. Again:

And while there are some physicists who have disputed certain aspects of his work, there is little dispute that Dr. Mallett’s work brings us very close to the possibility of time travel in the near future.” 

This is also totally and completely false. Mallett’s work does nothing to bring us closer to time travel. I know. I’m the world’s leading researcher on the subject and have had several major breakthroughs, last year alone, which bring us to the point that the first design for a human time machine has been completed. The real science of time travel has absolutely nothing to do with Mallett’s research, which relies on Einstein’s theory of General Relativity which is absolutely worthless for time travel because none of the solutions can be achieved. Even Mallett admitted that his own solution would require energy at stellar quantities – the same type of objections that you refer to, but that’s not all. I did a careful analysis of his provisional patent application as well as his papers and descriptions in his book and Mallett’s machine would never work, even if it did meet the astronomical energy requirements. Why not? Because his design is based on the wrong model of the nature of time and makes fatal hidden assumptions that only an expert of temporal mechanics like me would recognize. I want to stress – having a PhD in theoretical physics does not automatically make you an expert in temporal mechanics.

“Dr. Mallett’s time machine only enables travel back to the point in time wherein the machine is turned on. In addition, Dr. Mallett’s time machine will not be transporting people anytime soon. Among other problems with transporting people are the energy demands that would be required. What is more likely is that Dr. Mallett’s machine will be used to transmit subatomic particles and…information”

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My “Open Letters” Series

I have created an upcoming series of what I call, “open letters” which are copies of communications that I am sending or posting to various people, primarily concerning my on-going prosecution of my war against Ronald L. Mallett, PhD of the University of Connecticut for fraud, misrepresentation, lying and chicanery in the matter of his career as a so-called, time travel scientist, which  makes a mockery of the term. The purpose of the series is so that you readers, and the public at large, can see what has been happening in regards to people who have been involved with promoting him and in what ways they have been involved in such activities. It’s also so that you can see how I’m handling each one, on a case by case basis.

During this time period, where there are investigations going on over cover-ups, collusion, lying, sexual misconduct and more, all across public life, it is clear, now more than ever, that the only reason these things occur is because most people don’t stand-up to do anything about it. I was raised to not be like most people. Now, I’m even more so, that way. Just like many of those women who had been the victims of the likes of Franken, Weinstein, and others, but didn’t do anything about it when it happened because they were told ‘they shouldn’t’, or ‘how could they, after all, those were powerful men’, I was told the same thing about taking on Ronald Mallett, after I realized that he had lied and conned me out five years of research time at a cost to me of thousands of dollars. Even my own father said, “So what can you do about it?”, and I told him, “I taking it ALL BACK. I’m taking back all the accolades and the honors based on his lies and misrepresentations, until he has nothing left. I’m going to destroy his ill gotten name and reputation as a time travel scientist until he’s lost it all and even then, I’ll not stop, not even after he dies, because he has proved that he is out for one thing at all costs – fame, and he won’t stop ’til he’s dead unless I destroy him first. Fine. I’ll give him infamy for all posterity.

In the above video Mallett tells a number of falsehoods. He uses his father’s death to get your empathy for him as he says that his father’s death was the inspiration for wanting to build a time machine. Yet the truth is that once he discovered that his flawed design wouldn’t allow him to go back before the machine was created, he just gave up and decided instead to hype his personal story with his flawed research, pretending that it would eventually lead to a legitimate breakthrough. And the quest to go back and save his father? Hell. he never gave it a second thought. What? You believed him? This paper proves otherwise. He argues that Albert Einstein’s work is the key to time travel, yet there are no solutions to either theory of Relativity that produce practical methods of doing time travel. He says that Large Hadron Collider at CERN is sending particles into the future when they are only having their aging slow down. He says his design for a time machine would twist time and space into a loop but he has never explained the nature of that loop nor the consequence of what happens when the loop is complete. He claims that all of the serious work on time travel is based on Einstein’s work – the truth is that any work on time travel based on Einstein’s work can’t be called serious because none of it is possible. Finally, his claims of being a time travel scientist are completely undone when he mentions the idea of paradoxes, which have no scientific basis in fact, and then exhibits his ignorance of the work of Rainer Plaga and others who in the ’90s posited how parallel universes could be proved with a laser and entangled ions in a magnetic trap – something that he could’ve have attempted to do and gotten a legitimate breakthrough. However, because Ronald Mallett is a fraud in the area of time travel research, he missed that opportunity. Instead, in the above video, he claims that we will have to wait and see if paradoxes or parallel universes are real. Paradoxes were conclusively proved false in 2013 in a special report to select members of Congress in 2013 which is now the book, Paradox Lost: The True Geometries of Time Travel.

Parallel universes were proved to be real in 2017. However, the parallel universe model doesn’t work by the time traveler going to the past of a parallel universe but to a new, parallel universe copy of the past – a big difference since a paradox would still result from going to the past of a parallel universe, since the time traveler wasn’t there before as well. If in fact, Ronald Mallett was such a time travel expert – he would have known this – just another indication that he is in fact, a fraud.

Among the comments for the above video on Youtube was this one by Todd Chaisson:

“I am currently reading Dr. Mallet’s book, “Time Traveler,” and it is truly inspiring. I thought it was going to be weighed down with physics and calculus equations, but it shows how the quest for scientific understanding and achievement is a very human quest and one of the most important ones a person can undertake. I think if I had read this before taking physics and other science classes in high school, it would have motivated me to learn more. Fortunately there is still time :)”

The funny thing is Mallett’s not on a quest for scientific understanding – he’s proved that by not writing one damn paper on time travel research – check his web site. Now check his updated one – there’s no mention anymore that time travel is even one of his research fields! Unfortunately, this is how people are being deceived, just like people were deceived by all the men who have recently been exposed as liars, predators and worse. That is why I’m going to expose and destroy Ronald Mallett so that people will stop being conned, giving away their money, and thinking he’s done things that will make time travel a reality when in fact, Ronald Mallett is one of the greatest threats to time travel research, due to his calls for regulations on time travel once it becomes realized. He can’t even keep his reasons for it, straight.

Last night, Oprah Winfrey gave a stirring speech. I fully support women speaking out against abuse. But what I don’t support is the idea that men just have to listen to the complaints of women. Men should be more proactive and not tolerate the misbehavior of other men when they see it. That is the only reason why women have ever been victimized.


Likewise, Ronald Mallett has only gotten away with his misdeeds because of a willing media and others, who have enabled him if not outright let him get away with it. Not all have, however. In 2007, when I was still under the misconception that Mallett was a legitimate researcher, I tried to get Jerry Revish at WBNS TV to do a story about an event I was promoting for Mallett. Revish said,”When he builds the time machine, then I’ll do the story” which, upon looking back, was the proper response. Yet, now more than 10 years later, Mallett has not only not built a time machine, he’s not engaged in any serious effort to do so legitimately and he’s done no further research, been caught up in a fraud scandal in Miami, and been caught lying to the media and misrepresenting what flawed research that he has done. That is why I am tolerating Ronald Mallett no longer and will end his campaign of misrepresentations no matter what anyone else says. I don’t care how many useful idiots and stupid students come to his aid, this must stop NOW! I don’t believe in hope, I believe in action, and in the action of the individual, most of all. So despite the naysayers and the enablers and doubters, the end of Ronald Mallett’s time travel scientist career is upon him, and God help those who think they can get in my way…

To learn more about Ronald Mallett, this greatest fraud, in the entire history of physics, read my article, A Critical Analysis of Ronald L. Mallett, PhD: How Motherland Magazine Was Seduced By The Crazy Professor