Why I’ll Never Be on the Joe Rogan Show (or  How I Figured Out  Drugs Just Make You Too Stupid For Time Travel Science)

By Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng 

I was killing time one night, drinking a hot chocolate mocha something or other at the local Get-Go, when I decided to watch some time travel related fair on my lap top and saw something  from the Joe Rogan Experience Show was in the offing. I remembered that my agent had tried to get me on, one time, and for some reason or the other, I didn’t make the cut. Imagine that! I’ve been on numerous national shows – Coast to Coast AM, NBC News Channel, and that’s just for starters. Now imagine that I saw more than I needed to figure out why I didn’t make the cut – I’m too freakin’ smart for Joe Rogan’s stupid show. That’s right. TOO SMART.

Now let me couch this bold proclamation in a qualification. When it comes to the nature of time and time travel, I’m smarter than Stephen Hawking was and proved it. Used a solid body electric guitar to prove his feedback hypothesis from his Mad Scientist Paradox wouldn’t work and then that the model for a wormhole time machine from the same gedankenexperiment was not only flawed at its core but that elementary school students could see it, when given the chance to look. Pointed out how he made a major error in thinking Kip Thorne’s idea for wormhole time travel wouldn’t work and then proved Thorne was wrong about how it would work. I could go on but I’ll just let the following proclamations speak for themselves and move on.

Rogan has been said to be a fan of pot and psychedelic drugs, which, as far as I’m concerned is up to the individual but I do not nor have I EVER used recreational drugs of any kind except when I gathered a few friends together in 8th grade and we tried inhaling smoke from black tar incense for a legal high in the field just beyond the playground. Afterwards we had to go back to class and I felt like I had a cloud in my brain and that was it, I never did that again. That being said, I certainly wouldn’t suggest it for anyone who wants to tackle probably the hardest subject in physics outside of string theory. Yeah, that’s why so many physicists get it wrong and look stupid when that walk around on stage like Carlo Rovelli, babbling apparent nonsense about time not being fundamental. 

So I’m going to prove my point with Rogan talking about time travel with other equally unqualified individuals to even be within light years of the subject. And the kid gloves are OFF!

What’s worse than 3 druggies sitting around pondering the imponderable? One of them talking to a clueless, female former big deal rock star, (Liz Phair) who actually THINKS she’s got it all figured but has obviously just gone supernova, some time somewhere. She’s just a faint glimmer and starts off BADLY, then her contributions rapidly just turn into asinine ass products. 

“Future science”, Rogan says. “That’s what you’re into”.

Cut to Phair, smiling like she’s stoned.

“I’m WAY INTO future science,” as she grins like an idiot while slowing turning in her swivel chair like a child – or a stoned rock star has been. 

“I wish we lived in the future,” which means she knows nothing about what’s coming, and not one whit of intellectual ability to analyze things she’s told past the most shallow, BS level of pedestrian ignorance. Buckle your seat belts. It’s going to be a rough ride.

“So that’s where ghosts fit in?” Rogan asks, which must be a left over thought from an earlier portion of the interview. She then stumbles around before blurting out what she thinks is a profound idea.

“I think time is an illusion…”

Well, I thought, she’s stepped in it now, meaning if I had a $1,000 for every time some moron claimed that on Quora.com, I’d go on that vacation I so desperately need. If that wasn’t bad enough, since the only illusion is that time is one, she then proceeded to double down thinking she had made an insurmountable argument. Rogan, being the clueless stoner, made an easy target for her.

“Did you see the movie, Interstellar?,” she asks. 


“That smacked of good science to me,” she grins before giggling like a giddy child, as I nearly projectile vomited.

Lee Billings of Scientific American wrote a review of the technical aspects of the film, in which he later states, “I should add that there are some portions of the film for which the science is beyond the frontiers of our present knowledge. The issue of time travel is one. There’s been a lot of research that’s been done on whether the laws of physics permit travel back in time or not, and we’ve got interesting results but no firm answers. In that area Chris made his own rule set…a rule set that was much less constrained by the laws of physics because we don’t understand the laws of physics in that domain yet!”


The obvious (to me) problems with that statement aside, “beyond the frontiers of our present knowledge.” means it’s inconclusive, and not good science.

What followed was an interesting discussion between Phair, who isn’t smart enough to know the difference between time and duration and Rogan who knows there has to be more to it but completely incapable of naming what that would be and so just chases his tail while Phair laughs at him.

Finally, around 2:24 on the counter, Phair, thinking she’s got the ultimate proof of her point, tells Rogan, “Give me an example of time that is a manifest thing that is outside of human coordination,” at which point Rogan starts to stammer something about the Big Bang and Phair interrupts him and my head just wants to freakin’ EXPLODES and I wanted to just jump into the screen, shove Rogan out of the way and plop down in front of Phair and go, “Listen, little girl. You’re not even half as smart as you think because you only have half the puzzle. You want to know something about time that’s outside of human coordination? Why don’t you start by using the proper terminology for starters for this BS that you and Mr. Clean over here have been talking about, known as ‘duration’. Get it? ALL of temporal measurements of every kind – calendars, clocks, timers, counters, weeks, months, seconds, years, decades, CENTURIES are just forms of measuring duration, which is NOT TIME ITSELF. On that point, you’re right but you are so WRONG to think you understand squat about it.”

Of course, Phair, being nonplussed at being called out and put down, would protest vehemently, and I would be having none of it.

“Look, you’re no Lisa Randall, so don’t act like you’re due some higher modicum of respect. The answer to your question is already known by anyone who deserves to be in the conversation and that answer is the asymmetry of time problem, which was the first big issue that tripped Stephen Hawking up, or didn’t you know that? ”

Phair looks at me with a blank, deer caught in the headlights, stare.

“It’s the reason why we don’t see things happening in reverse although we have the mathematics to describe such actions. And my point is that if duration meant the same thing as time, you could substitute the word ‘duration’ for ‘time’ but it doesn’t work because duration is symmetrical and so it can’t possibly mean the same thing as time on the advanced physics level which is light years beyond your pay grade, little girl, so quit pretending.”

I pop back into reality just in time to see Phair prove I’m right about her naivete. 

“And I believe the whole universe is spinning…” she gushes.

Just what was proven NOT TO BE TRUE when Kurt Godel proposed it as the foundation of Closed Timelike Curves being found in solutions to general relativity that would provide time travel to the past. So much for Phair’s knowledge of good science which isn’t any better than Rogan’s mastery of numbers when he remarks at 5:51 on the counter, “how many trillions in a billion?”…

Now in another episode, called Different Theories of Time Travel ,

Joe has these 2 guys, comedians Bert Kreischer & Tony Hinchcliffe, on and initially they’re talking about the movie, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and they all like it and they’re babbling about the multiverse and I can tell there must be some inaccuracies in it and they don’t really know the issues about the multiverse so I’m not even going to touch it because they then go into talking about time which is really my focus here and Rogan just totally is so clueless he’s going on about Terrence McKenna and I’m, like “STOP!” Now the reason being is that McKenna was a big time experimenter with psychedelic drugs, so with Rogan trying to explain that hot mess of McKenna’s interpretation, that’s when I knew stoners have absolutely no business anywhere, every time, in a discussion about time. And so here we go with Rogan starting it off:

“You know that was the theory that Terrence McKenna had for the thing that’s going to change the universe. That one day someone’s going to invent a time machine and that when they invent a time machine, then all time ceases to become linear.”

“SHUT THE HELL UP!”, I’m screaming. That’s when I really decided, that ANYONE that does drugs is TOO STUPID to deal with time travel. Don’t get me wrong. I remember the days when that was the cool thing to do – sit around and smoke pot or something and talk about time travel. Of course I didn’t partake but I was down with the, “yeah, man. That’s really heavy, like dude, can you deal with that thought of being on all of those parallel universes at once?” along with the others. The big difference was none of us was working on anything serious, and we certainly weren’t trying to solve anything because we felt that our lives were in the balance. After all I was friends with one of the biggest hippies that saved physics – Fred Alan Wolf and he and Jack Sarfatti and whoever else, they all used to drop acid and trip out, back in the Haight-Ashbury days. The big difference was at least they were already real and actual physicists. McKenna was never a physicist.

So, right off the bat, Rogan is talking about this thing Terrence McKenna supposedly said that was not only wrong 6 ways to Sunday but he wasn’t smart enough to see the obvious problems. The problem is the invention of a time machine will not change all time nor will it affect the linearity of time at all. Time appears linear because of causality and nothing is going to change causality, not even a time machine.

Then Rogan starts yapping about McKenna saying that in time travel you can’t go where there are no roads, and I’m immediately thinking about that scene at the end of the first Back to the Future movie where Doc Brown says, “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need no roads”, and the DeLorean ends up levitating and the wheels turn under and it takes off flying, but I knew that wasn’t it. I mean that would’ve been bad enough because he was talking about time itself, and then Rogan says, “anyone from the invention of the time machine forward to forever can come back to that moment,” and prattled on about all the things that would change everything which I knew to be pure bollocks that only someone intellectually unfit to be in such a conversation would even consider saying. Like, “Everything happens everywhere, all at once…” which is factually wrong as well as impossible and asinine. Things happen because of a cause and that means that they can’t all happen at once. 

He goes on rattling off all of these asinine scenarios where everything that any moron can think of is a possibility despite the fact that they’re asinine because people who actually know the physics involved can see they’re impossible on their face. LIke this gem, where Rogan talks about how would it be impossible to have any possessions because someone could just use time travel to take them. Fine, let’s start with all time travel involves discontinuities, meaning that there are no  causal links. So if someone goes back in time to keep someone from possessing something to begin with, they’re doing it in a new parallel world copy that didn’t exist prior to the act of time travel. The same for his moronic thinking about inventing things being impossible because someone could just go back before and invent it first. But already there are things happening with technology acquisition from parallel universes. I did it in the ‘80s, inadvertently using my imagination but actually remote viewing an actual parallel universe different from ours (and confirmed by physicist, Fred Alan Wolf) while acquiring the advanced music technology and video techniques they were using. Like psychoactive rock videos that get you high (I bet Rogan would like that) that still don’t exist here, 30 years later. That’s right.

Just like on FRINGE but mentally, years before it was even an idea:

Walter Bishop 1985 U S Army Research Headquarters speech

Furthermore, we’ve discovered that exactly what is depicted in FRINGE happened HERE from a parallel world – TO ME in 2017 while conducting laser experiments based on ideas from 2009 American Medal of Science award winner, Yakir Aharonov for a time machine from 1992 Discover magazine.

Although we thought the face might be a paranormal, close inspection and data analysis made it obvious it is a person from an alternate universe with a device similar to that episode of FRINGE that enables invisible viewing into parallel universes which I was only able to detect for a 30th of a second with the color cranked up. I’m dealing in real life with things that are far beyond Rogan’s pathetic, pot head propensity to process.

So the acquisition of tech doesn’t prevent anything from happening from the point of contention, it just creates a new world where things are different. We know that’s the way it would work because it’s the only way to resolve the conservation of energy issues, entropy, plus causation. Not only that, experiments looking at the temporal implications of retrocausality . But, considering the fact that Rogan doesn’t know Jack Shack about time travel, let alone understand it, he just babbles on like he’s an authority. It’s not just my opinion, either. 

Someone calling themselves, “Dude Dude” in the comments section said, “I love Joe’s imagination and how he can just talk about this stuff like he’s an authority on these super advanced technologies or something…”

Right. But he’s light centuries from being an “authority”. But that’s OK since there are plenty of people in the comments who sure think they’re authorities. People like Sean From PVD.  “The thing about time travel is that you have to account for space as well. You have to account for the expansion of space, the relative drift in locations over time, etc. The power to travel back would be massive, but you would also need a linear travel element that would put you in the right place. If you went back, let’s say, a few years – but in a static location, you’re in the vacuum of space and Earth hasn’t gotten here yet.”

Right, well what disqualifies Sean is that he actually thinks he can just use some kind of logic to grok some kind of understanding that no one else has. The fact is his answer is wrong because we’re talking about time travel and he clearly doesn’t understand what that means or how it would work. The fact that if you want to go the past you aren’t literally going back in time. Nothing does that. You’re going to a new, quantum parallel world that is a copy of that time period that didn’t exist before. That doesn’t require any massive amount of power – it does require knowledge that few physicists have and NO ONE without a PhD except for me because I’ve worked on solving these exact problems for a couple decades. And there’s no linear travel element required and your place in space only changes because you’re not leaving the Earth but it’s now somewhere it was before. You’re shifting to a new quantum state that the same Earth was at in a different time in what might be called the quantum multiverse or superspace.

But oh, wait – now the real dumb-dumb of the trio chimes in – Bert.

“Is there someone working on time machines right now? There’s gotta be right?”

STOP! This is where Rogan, of course mentions me, right?

“Oh there’s this Marshall Barnes guy that I was told about and I might have to have him on to see what he’s all about because I’ve heard he’s been on some other – “

OH, HELL NO! OF COURSE NOT! No, that would make too much sense for this pot smoking moron to mention the one person in the world with viable time travel research program that actually does experiments, conducts research and has proved he was smarter than Stephen Hawking on the subject and was officially recognized for it by a State of the Union. Oh, no! That would make TOO MUCH SENSE. 

So who does he say is working on time travel? OF COURSE – it’s RONALD MALLETT, the least qualified scientist out there claiming to be working on time travel, who despite his claim to have solved Einstein’s equations for general relativity applicable to time travel NONE of the mainstream physicists agree with him, including Stephen Hawking when he was alive, and Hawking’s best buddy, Kip Thorne, who responded to my email question to him, about Mallett’s equations meeting the energy requirements, responded with a single word. “NO!”

And forget the physicists – none of whom was an experimenter or engineer. I analyzed Mallett’s work and not only do his design concepts suck, I built a functioning mock-up of his key idea with the modification for retrocausality testing, using Aharonov’s idea, and showed that Mallett could have not only used it to prove parallel universes are real, but had a functioning control prototype for a quantum time machine instead of his stupid idea based on general relativity with no hope of it EVER working. It not only verifies his admission that he doesn’t have the “acumen to be an experimenter” from his book, “Time Traveler”, it conclusively proves that Ronald Mallett is not and never has been, anything close to being a time travel scientist any more than Bill Nye the Science Guy. Which, by extension makes Joe Rogan pretty dumb for being fooled by him. Surprise! Surprise!

So of course Rogan’s repeating all of this BS about Mallett, who’s never written a single paper on time travel science and who I beat in the race building the first time machine on a particle level in 2013 with my Verdrehung Fan that sends particles to the past and we now have proof that it creates time distortions, like seeing reflections in mirrors that don’t match the original or source image.

When you factor in that the radio waves being sent in, prior to it being at full power, encounter a region of gravity different than the one they just left and then when the signal is picked up again it has been shifted since leaving the intense gravity field, images would be affected.

(Me standing behind and looking past myself with my long, white mop-top hairstyle. Below, Hawking sitting beside himself and looking different as he passes through the Verdrehung Fan.)

Because the Verdrehung Fan utilizes a gravitic amplifier, signals going through will experience various time distortions because of time dilation caused by its rotating field. What we determine is that the video rolling effect is induced by the rotating field and the static is interference of signal integrity and ultimately, the signal itself resulting in total signal loss as it goes through a swirling mesh of tiny microscopic wormholes that are already in the quantum foam of spacetime rapidly opening and closing but now being forced to stay open longer and wider. This was successfully presented at the 2014 International Space Development Conference during the Space-Up sessions, and the next day New Scientist published an article about Luke Butcher of Cambridge who surmised that “skinny wormholes” could be kept open long enough for photons to pass through which is what my work was demonstrating. Meanwhile, Geico insurance even did a commercial featuring a school girl who made a time machine that looks like mine.

(Me presenting Congressional report with Verdrehung Fan on the rear screen which became the best time travel book to date, Paradox Lost:The True Geometries of Time Travel)


(Me presenting Verdrehung Fan video demo at  2016 Wizard World Comic Con )                 

Meanwhile, Mallett has still done nothing because Ronald Mallett is a liar and a fraud and a con man and there was Rogan reading about him like Mallett is some kind of genius when he’s not fit to breathe the same air as me. And to top it all off, Bert the dumb-dumb, pipes in, justifying my calling him that.

“What, his dad got killed in Viet Nam…?” he says about Mallett’s father after Rogan has mentioned Mallett’s comic book backstory for why he was trying to build a time machine to begin with. I refuse to repeat it here because it’s what Mallett has learned to use as a distraction to promote his hoax. But it wasn’t Viet Nam. Mallett was in the Navy or Coast Guard during that period. And Rogan replies, “Yeah” sadly.

“Oh it’s great origin story,” dumb-dumb says. 

Rogan continues how Mallett’s device will take tremendous amounts of power to work and then gets started on another man who he claims had worked on a time machine in the “19th century” – Kurt Godel. The only problem is he was in the middle 20th century and his name was pronounced, “Girdle” and it wasn’t a time machine. Rogan goes on about how Kurt’s “machine” needed to be the size of the solar system and gets informed that it used closed timelike curves. First, the idea wouldn’t work without the universe rotating and it doesn’t, so why talk about something impossible? For our purposes however, it works because this is the same scientist behind the rotating (same as spinning) universe idea that Liz Phair had (it was on a different show though)but anyone should know by now – IT DOESN’T ROTATE. Then, the fact that it wouldn’t work unless closed time-like curves were found in this nonexistent, rotating universe but even then, they would be nothing more than mathematical anomalies but Rogan doesn’t know that because he hasn’t had a real, bonafide time travel expert on the show like me, who’s actually tackled the inherent problem with closed timelike curves and wrote an authoritative paper like, Killing Closed Timelike Curves( For Their Own Good and Ours) which was recognized for special mention by Academia.edu. 

The breakthrough paper by Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng, Killing Closed Time-like Curves (For Their Own Good and Ours) has been selected for special promotion by Academia.edu for readers of related subject matter, dramatically increasing its exposure.

OH NO! That would be too smart and intelligent to do that and it seems the media EVERYWHERE wants to keep the public dumb and stupid when it comes to time travel like Rogan’s dumb-dumb side kick, Bert, who said, “I didn’t understand any of that sentence,” after Rogan read his incorrect description of the Godel situation. “I’m so stupid that if I think about what that means it starts to give me a panic attack.” Laughter in the room but Bert seemed serious. “When you just mentioned the universe, and I realize there is, there is, there is something really up there. ”

“It’s not just up there,” Rogan chimes in.

“It’s out there,”  Bert continues sounding like he’s seriously in awe of the prospects.

“It’s all around you. Infinity” Rogan adds.

“That f#@king gives me a panic attack,” Bert reemphasizes and when I see people this stupid and moronic – reinforcing misinformation about one of the most difficult areas in physics that I have dedicated a good portion of my adult life to and realize that its solution is what our global survival may be resting on, it just pisses me the Hell off. Because unlike Mallett’s BS, that will get people killed because it won’t work and focuses on how he says we can contact the past and save lives from disasters, when in fact those lives are not the original ones, the lives that my research would save are those alive now, here, maybe even YOURS.  

That’s why I’m in a competition with Elon Musk with an array of time travel related technologies to prove that time travel to the past is a better option than going to space to save humanity. It would be far cheaper, be more than 1000 times more profitable and save more lives. Time travel to the past is the most important issue today because it solves all 100% of our major problems – WW3, climate change, pandemics, you name it – without introducing more complications, like trying to start an interplanetary civilization does. There’s no one else that has addressed this matter before, but me

As Simon Stiell, Executive Secretary, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change has said, “The cost of inaction is far greater than the cost of action”, and you bet it is, especially in this case the cost of action is a mere $100Gs, not even a blip on a government’s radar.

Or you can rely on Joe Rogan’s pot smoking buddy, Elon Musk, who won’t be going anywhere ’til 2029. The choice is yours. Either way, I’m leaving and not on a jet plane…

(Above, graphic from current online campaign promoting my competition with Elon Musk to see who’s first in being able to provide an escape from Earth to ensure a continuation of Humanity in the future.)

Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng is an advanced innovation specialist, R&D engineer in advanced concept science and technology and conceptual theorist with a list of accomplishments and inventions in numerous fields and has an Visionary IX rating of 57/111, meaning he’s done innovation work in 57 fields and had 111 breakthroughs. He’s the world’s leading scientist in time travel, staking his research efforts against Elon Musk’s Starship to be the first to provide an escape from Earth for the survival of Humanity.


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