Time’s Up for Time Travel’s False Prophet

As the strange saga that is the tall tale of UConn’s Ronald Mallett, nears its end, the irony of it’s fallacy has now become crystal clear and bound to shine a bad light on the UCONN Foundation.

Written by Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng

Ronald Mallett, PhD (Copyright Rachel Barbash)

The University of Connecticut Foundation has a problem on it hands. It’s going to have to shut down one of their funds and get permission to use the money raised so far, for some other purpose, or return it to the donors. Why? Because I’ve finally decided I’ve had enough and I’m pulling the remaining life support on the greatest fraud in the history of physics, which that fund was unwittingly set-up to support.

Ronald Lawrence Mallett. PhD. Professor Emeritus. University of Connecticut. The man who sold the world on the idea that he would be a time traveler, if he could, to save his father who died when he was a little boy. The man that fooled the world’s media into thinking that he had discovered a way to make time travel a reality. Even worse, media, like Popular Mechanics’ John Wenz and Caroline Delbert, Yahoo! News , Rob Waugh for Metro UK, Charlotte Edwards of The Sun, Tom Moroney of Bloomberg, LIla Shapiro of Huff Post and many, many more who’ve reported that he has a time machine or is building a time machine when neither one is true. Early on I was even duped into supporting his cause. And the UCONN Foundation was duped into creating the Space-Time Twisting by Light fund which is supposed to accept donations for Mallett’s “research” to build his time machine. However, in close to 20 years, Mallett has produced no research, no new papers, no new developments, no new statements, no new discoveries, nothing but evidence that the whole thing is a hoax and at this point, Space-Time Twisting by Light is nothing more than a financial black hole, eating those few donations that happen at such a small level that there is no hope that they will contribute to the realization of what they’re supposed to be used for – doing his time machine experiments.

Ronald Mallett and I, 2007 (Copyright 2007)

You see, the ironic part of this hoax, this fraud, is that although he may have a PhD in theoretical physics, Mallett has no PhD in time travel physics and for good reason — there isn’t one. However, there are plenty of ways to study the science, philosophy and physics behind the concept of time travel. Plenty of physicists do. In fact there is a large community of scientists, physicists, philosophers, etc. who publish papers, letters, notes, and treatises, both in peer-reviewed journals and pre-print platforms, covering various aspects of the topic. Plenty of individuals except one stand-out whose surprising absence is without explanation. That’s right. You guessed it. Ronald Lawrence Mallett, PhD.  

Oh, he’ll make you believe that he has but he hasn’t. Look for yourself. What he has done is three flawed papers for the basis of his idea for a time machine which won’t work for very basic reasons like the fact that he mixes fluid dynamics with closed timelike curves for which he has no clear operational function. If you ask him questions about design issues, he passes it off as being an “engineering problem”, but that’s not good enough if you want to claim having a breakthrough because I am an advanced concept science and technology R&D engineer and those “engineering problems” are fatal flaws and I haven’t forgotten how he admitted in his memoir that, on page 165 in the last paragraph, “As a theoretical physicist, I learned long ago that I did not have the aptitude for experimental work,” which might explain why his time machine design is such an incomplete and conceptual calamity.

Mallett talks often about his “breakthrough”. The definition of a breakthrough, since there is apparently so much confusion, is a sudden increase in knowledge, understanding, etc. : “an important discovery that happens after trying for a long time to understand or explain something”. As it turns out Ronald has never made an “accurate” discovery in time travel though he’s made plenty of mistakes. There’s a whole string of them that were first found by physicists Ken Olum and Allen Everett where Mallett was thinking he could “slow down light” by passing it through a medium to create a needed effect, problems in the mathematics Mallett used in his analysis, as well as problems J. R. Gott discovered in Mallett’s thinking about slowing down light. Mallett had no cogent answer for any of it, admitting in his book that he abandoned the idea of using slowed light. 

“For a time, I considered the possibility that slowing down light might increase the gravitational frame dragging effect of the ring laser … Slow light, however, turned out not to be helpful for my research.”

When a scientist has an idea that is a “breakthrough” but then others point out obvious errors without any counter objections or evidence to the contrary, then there’s no breakthrough and to continue to portray it otherwise is to perpetuate a lie. And the “others” go beyond the few that I’ve mentioned. It’s also Nobel Prize winner Kip Thorne, Michio Kaku, Paul Sutter, and even Stephen Hawking, that I know of.

Mallett gets away with it because anyone sitting down to interview him usually already thinks he’s had some kind of discovery because he’s been interviewed so many times by others. In fact, for all intents and purposes, if you’ve read one Mallett interview, you’ve read them all and they all contain lies. Mallett has engaged with such activity, although he’s careful usually not to do it outright. Case in point, there was a time when he was stressing the fact that he had been able to get a provisional patent on an apparatus design he called, LOTART, that was erroneously supposed to send signals back in time. But an analysis done with knowledge of temporal mechanics and engineering (which Mallett admits having poor knowledge of in his book) reveals that the device wouldn’t function as advertised. But that’s only half the problem. 

The rest is the fact that he never filed for the full patent and then let the provisional one expire after a year, a fact that he never mentioned in his book where he did mention obtaining the provisional. So he’s been caught promoting his provisional patent, knowing full well not only did he not get the full patent but the provisional is no longer any good! But the mere mention of the provisional is enough to fool people into thinking that he did get a full patent which then gives his phony time machine idea much needed gravitas. 

Victimless crime? It caused a number of teachers, and the American Physics Institute, to be among those fooled into referring to his “time machine patent” before they corrected the mistake after I informed them of the truth.

Furthermore, eventually Mallett was forced to admit, in 2015, that the amount of energy required to make his design warp time would be on the “galactic scale”. This admission shatters all credibility to the claim that he had made a breakthrough. Let me explain. Such energy requirements are beyond the practical and can be categorized along with J.R. Gott’s cosmic string time machine idea, Frank Tipler’s rotating Tipler Cylinder (which would be near infinitely long) and Kip Thorne’s worm hole time machine concept. In other words, despite what the mathematics for any of these ideas suggest, in the real world, THEY AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! The breakthrough for Mallett was supposed to be that he could create a time machine that would operate with “normal” energy levels, and I still have the email he sent me saying exactly that. Having to build something so large is no more practical than the ideas of these other men which were already out there. That’s no breakthrough. That’s bollocks.

And while I’m on that point, this is where the stink comes back on the UCONN Foundation. The purpose of the UCONN Foundation’s Space-Time Twisting by Light Fund is handle the donations and money raised for the purposes of the research of time travel by Mallett. But there is no evidence that Mallett has done any time travel research since the fund got its start. How do I know? Because Mallett has shown no progress in nearly 20 years. Remember – no papers beyond the ones on the basis of his machine and those were even flawed. As a fellow researcher, I’ve done more papers – all of which were of fundamental significance and to top it all off, my most recent – establishing a quantum mechanical foundation for time travel to the past, passed double blind, peer-review for publication in Global Journals Science Frontier Research Interdiciplinary – something that Mallett has never done. They say in academic circles, ‘you publish or perish’. Based on that, as far as time travel science goes, Mallett has been dead a long time and so the Space-Time Twisting by Light Fund, run by UCONN, is nothing more than a tomb for dead research. Don’t believe me?Call up the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s office (1-860-486-2713) and ask to speak to a development officer for further information regarding donations.

In the video below, Mallett proves how he lacks the mental acumen required to do time travel research. In his opening statement, he talks about using time travel to change the past, to save lives

That above caption is yet another media lie and the reason this hoax has to come to an end…

Mallett talks about sending messages to the past to warn ourselves and others about things that threaten our lives and safety, but for anyone versed in temporal mechanics, which is the study of how time works and what it is beyond relativity, that’s a moment to scream out Michio Kaku’s famous phrase, “Not so fast!” Long story short, it is now known as a fact, proved in the lab, that any attempt to change even the past of a particle in a retrocausality experiment, produces a new, parallel universe copy of the present which then has a different past from the original one. What that means is that you can’t change the past the way Mallett is talking about and he should know better. This is derived from the famous many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics which he used to refer to in both interviews and in his book. 

Quantum mechanics offers a way out via the concept of parallel universes. According to this concept, when you travel back in time you will arrive in a different universe. In that universe you can do whatever you wanted to and it would not affect the original universe you came from”.

That’s Mallett from a Decoded Science interview. Then, in the same interview, he says,

Imagine if we could send warnings back to the past of something like 9/11, the number of lives we would save. To me, that is what makes it worth the effort and that’s what I’m hoping to be able to see in my lifetime”.

And from that quote, just let me point out just how stupid and asinine that statement is in lieu of the previous one — If in fact going back in time puts you in a “different universe”, which it does and in fact the proper terminology is “a new, parallel universe copy”, then how can it be that “warnings back to the past” will save any lives?! Those lives don’t exist without the effort to change the past because THEY ARE IN A DIFFERENT UNIVERSE! Let me be very clear and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should just look it up. Everything is information, in the model of reality from John Archibald Wheeler (who Mallett knew, so he has no frickin’ excuse) who called it, ‘it from bit’ and in that model, where the universe as a whole, meaning the inclusion of all the parallel universe branches, is known to be considered responsive (Wheeler went as far as saying, “conscious”), when you do something that would be taken as effecting the past, retrocausal tests, delayed choice experiments, sending particles or pulses back, on up to full out time travel, everything that is part of that new branch that is created, didn’t exist before. That’s why time travel to the past can be argued to be possible despite the objections of typical, ill-informed scientists who stupidly claim violations of entropy, conservation of energy, and whatnot, because none of that is going to a linear past, but one that never existed before because it is the result of the time travel action, not the action arriving somewhere that was already in physical existence.

So any idea that you can save lives and make this big difference in what happened, when they were already lost, is nonsense unless Mallett’s just talking about for catharsis and that’s not what Mallett means at all. It’s obvious. 

So, Ronald Mallett is promoting time travel for all the wrong reasons and it’s a super expensive method of time travel that won’t work and he’s doing it all for the sake of his own personal fame and glory, what of it there is left. Conversely, although I want to see time travel happen to save lives as well, I want to save those who still exist now. You see Elon Musk and I have the same fear — that the future will fail and the world as we know it will end. Just think of the Doomsday clock, which recently was kept for a second year now at 100 seconds to midnight. 

Unlike Mallett, who has never written a single time or time travel science paper, let alone a peer reviewed one, I wrote a special report looking at the concept of using time travel to the past to escape potential calamities and extinction level events. Titled, A Special Report: Temporal Escape, it has a complete review of the idea of bringing the technology for time travel to the past, to a completion level, something, unlike Mallett’s ridiculous design, would be accomplished for a mere $100,000, and make billions from the commercial exploitation of mining operations to get rare metals used in computers, as well as diamonds and gold and other minerals, while teams set-up bases, settlements and eventually cities. 

These are Elon’s thoughts on the future.

Elon Musk and I, both have a fear of the future. He is driven primarily by the advancement of AI and the idea that something will happen that will prevent our expansion into space which he feels we need to survive. I used to think the same and thought that’s where the future is.

Space exploration is not the answer. First, it’s too late. We’re already running out of time. Musk thinks we should hope for that future where we become a space faring race. The brutal reality is, space costs far more than time travel research at every step of the way. I know. I’ve worked around both. We still haven’t perfected radiation shielding on spacecraft for long voyages or overcome the damaging effect of low gravity on our bones. That’s just for starters. Everything humans need they will have to have with them until they can grow and develop it. Time travel will be instantaneous, won’t require all of the life sustaining elements of space travel and will escape 100% of the threats that the Earth faces because they won’t be happening in a parallel universe copy of the past. 

All of Musk’s plans for the future are based on nothing but hope, and there are no quick fixes, no matter how much money he throws at them. As I wrote in my article, Elon Musk’s Losing Bet, you can have big ideas, but they can’t be big ones that don’t matter. And speaking of things that do, if that $100,000 funding I’m talking about pays off, it will pay off BIG. What do I mean? Like pay for the entire Biden budget without a tax increase on anyone! Like not only reducing the causes of climate change but paying the costs for the Green New Deal. By Mallett sucking all of the attention from the media with false and misleading statements and an impotent vision of what time travel actually could provide, true and dramatic progress has been made in the dark.

There is absolutely nothing about time travel that Ronald Lawrence Mallett understands enough to even talk competently enough about it, to any of us that actually know this subject, let alone his having the ability to build a time machine. The best example of this is demonstrated in the fact that the field of time travel research has moved on, in many ways, from the work of Einstein which is the basis upon which Mallett places his work. There’s a picture of Mallett at the top of a 2018 BBC article based on an episode of the TV show, Horizon, which did an episode on time travel research. The coverage of Mallett is the same old BS story but it closes with a statement from physicist Neil Turok, director at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

“I think it’s clear to me that there is some probability of us going backwards in time,” Turok said, adding, “In quantum physics, nothing is impossible… because some clever person will come along and tell you how to break the rule.”

Well, the moment that Turok predicted is nigh. Already, I was able to assemble several key breakthroughs in time travel progress into a viable solution — Yakir Aharonov’s idea of a quantum triggering device first reported in 1992 in Discover for which I built a device enabling tests proving that parallel universes are real which matched the predictions for what the results would be for a successful test for that, by Rainer Plaga, German astrophysicist in 1995 in New Scientist magazine. Finally, my paper united all that with John Archibald Wheeler’s position that delayed choice experiments done on a galactic scale would allow for experimenters to create a new past for a photon arriving now that had left billions of years ago from deep space. That’s within experimental range of creating a new past with someone from the present in it. That, of course, equals time travel. The only thing is to figure out the proper method, which is the final step I’m working on now.

But when you look at how long Mallett has been at this, one thing is clear — the idea that he’s been doing any serious research since 2007 is a lie and to try to raise money on that premise is fraud. Everything I just mentioned, he should’ve known about in 2003 when he did The World’s First Time Machine yet here he is in it — “As far as I’m concerned, the paradoxes people talk about are only going to be resolved after we build the first time machine. Then we will know whether or not free will enters into it, whether there’s multiple universes or whether the universe is determined. That’s going to have to be understood experimentally.”

And so I have proved Mallett wrong, and using information that existed before he even filmed that scene. You don’t need an actual time machine to prove parallel universes true, but what I used to do that, passed double blind, peer-review, to be published in the Global Journals Science Frontiers Research Interdiciplinary, and becomes a key component in the time machine technology on the horizon.

But just to sharpen my point, about the fallacy of Mallett’s expertise, I took his expired provisional patent and modified the design and created the same, anomalous effect generating machine that proves Plaga correct, resulting in laser hits from nowhere, without cause, intermittently appearing between pulses. If Ronald Mallett were really a time travel scientist, he could’ve done my experiment back in the ’90s instead of being here today, in 2021, with still absolutely nothing to show for years of hype, misleading claims and out and out lies. A total and complete, time travel physics phony…

Which brings us to where we began, the end of this fallacy and the strange tale it comes from. It’s a strange tale because of the bizarre and twisted elements that occurred in it over the last 20 years or so that I’m not discussing now. What kinds of elements? Oh, like the nut job that accused Mallett and the government of kidnap and torture and was out for revenge, the UFO convention organizer who insisted on having Mallett speak even after she knew he was just trying to scam possibly well heeled attendees, Spike Lee getting fooled by Mallett’s story and how I got Spike to drop doing a movie about Mallett, the scheme to defraud Silicon Valley billionaires, the FTC raids, what the Washington Post tried to do, what Brittany Shammas of the Miami New Times did do, the mental illness of Mallett that drives him in his desperation, and how all efforts to get help for him from the Dr. Phil Show failed, how the book, The New Time Travelers deliberately kept Mallett out because of objections to his inclusion from Kip Thorne and Stephen Hawking, Mallett’s breaking Florida law on marketing fraud, how he violated multiple ethics regulations from UCONN including all of the main Research Principles and Standards under their Code and Conduct, and how he arrogantly betrayed and mocked me only to face now eternal regret, and more. Much more. It’s all part of the 3 book series and 2 audio documentaries I have coming out, where all the sordid details will be covered in what will be a most famous case of academic corruption and failure. Oh, and quite possibly the greatest scandal in Connecticut history. Certainly in UCONN’s.

But for now, due to the wide distribution of this missive, Ronald won’t be able to continue his hoax and every member of the media will know how badly they were fooled and everyone that matters at UCONN, and Ronald Mallett’s agents at United Talent Agency and the Bresnick Agency, will know what a fraud they’re representing, and whoever else is on my list. It’s a long list.

Seriously, it’s time to end this before Mallett, who’s seen his best days, gets written up as the father of time travel when he dies, like he was portrayed as in the documentary, The World’s First Time Machine, which, by the way, no longer features him on the cover. That’s his goal and he’s said as much when he told the Altoona Mirror, and other media, he’s a “theoretical physicist who would like to give to the world the possibility of determining our destiny through time travel”. “I’m the theoretical guy. The experimental physicist will have to take on the daunting – and very expensive – role of testing my theory,'” meaning all bets are off for him planning on seeing the project through himself. But oh boy, he sure wants the cash for it, while the real physicists do the hard work! He still wants those checks sent to his fund at UCONN Foundation, which makes no sense since they’ll never get the amount needed to even reach the first phase that’s required. In the nearly 10 years of it being open, the account has yet to raise anything near the $250,000 – $300,000 Mallett claims he needs to just do the first phase of testing. When I called the UCONN Foundation and asked if the amount in the fund was close, the person I talked to laughed out loud, yet Mallett refuses to do a kick starter campaign and he turned down my 2008 offer to help raise up to $1,000,000 by producing a Live-Aid style event – just because I wanted a typical 2% commission for doing the work! So any money given to the Space-Time Twisting by Light fund will never reach the point of doing any good, just providing a pointless tax write off when those funds could go to causes that would actually use the money.

So, it’s not to build a time machine, it’s not to save his father. It’s just to be known for designing the first time machine, except that what Mallett’s done is just make an expensive light sculpture as you see with the BBC and elsewhere. So UCONN’s Space-Time by Light Fund is a bad joke, possible only because the UCONN Foundation has exercised no real critical oversight.

Yes, it’s time, come what may, that the subject of time travel no longer be held hostage by this emperor with no clothes just because he has good media agents. And if Ronald Mallett has any back talk to say about it, I challenge him to meet me, face to face, in a public debate over his work and the issue of time travel, with entire UCONN physics faculty to back him up, if he feels he needs it, but I know it won’t help him one bit, either way. Hell, Einstein, his hero, used to do debates. It’s Mallett’s only option since I know he won’t threaten me with a defamation suit because he knows he’ll have to answer on the stand, under oath, to a million cutting questions that will bleed him out all over the court room floor, making it obvious what a fraud, liar and con man he really is and has been since he started his “time travel” career. He knows damn well that’s what’ll happen because he know two things for sure – That I’ll feed all the killer questions to my attorney that will prove Mallett’s time travel physics is phony, under cross, and I’ll deploy my skills as a former special investigator and information warfare expert against him at trial. Mallett knows exactly how good I am at that. Why? Because when we were still friendly, before he betrayed me, he had me do some successful investigation work for him.

So do you think ol’ Ronny would feel lucky?

I don’t…

Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng

Marshall Barnes is an advanced concept science and technology R&D engineer with a 30 year background in the fundamental research of the nature of time and time travel. Author of 8 breakthrough papers resolving issues concerning parallel universes, time travel and the nature of time and the special report for select members of Congress on time travel – which is now the book, Paradox Lost:The True Geometries of Time Travel, Marshall is the author of the first ever peer-reviewed paper to prove parallel universes are real and how they are linked to the quantum mechanical nature of the true science of time travel.

Marshall is the world’s leading expert on time travel science, successfully campaigning to challenge the culture of acceptance of logic based, plot devices of sci-fi as part of the philosophy of time travel, and is followed by hundreds of engineers, researchers, and scientists across prominent academic platforms from 19 countries around the world. As a leading STEM advocate, Marshall not only received a state proclamation recognizing his proving Stephen Hawking’s ‘Mad Scientist Paradox’ wrong but J.R. Oppenheimer correct in his conjecture that children can at times figure solutions that PhDs miss by showing that members of the Wexner Center Children’s Math and Science Club could see the Hawking mistake as well.

Marshall is now the driving force to making time travel to the past viable for use as an escape method from Earth threatening and extinction level events, as a response to the most recent positioning of the Doomsday clock and other predictions. A former space industry advocate and speaker at numerous space conferences (100 Year Starship Symposium, International Astronautical Federation Congress, International Space Development Conference, others…) Marshall is now advocating for investment in time travel research due to the rapid progress being made toward a breakthrough and to the greater wealth, superior safety provisions, larger capacity for continuation of government and saving more people through transplanting them, and our civilization, to the distant past.

He’s now planning on using accepted American volunteers from the Mars One 100 for the initial settlement teams for his Earth:12KB4 project, once the 2-way time travel capability has been established.


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