Open Letter To Spike Lee (from a fellow victim of Ronald L. Mallett)

Dear Mr. Lee:

I writing to inform you that the situation regarding Ronald Mallett, whose life story you purchased, has changed dramatically in a negative direction which will affect your ability to get a film on him produced unless there is a significant change made in the plot. In short, like men in many other areas of society, Dr. Mallett is now involved in a major scandal where-by the entire basis for his fame as a “time travel scientist” is collapsing because there was little to nothing for it to be based on. Furthermore, a pattern of lies, misrepresentation and more, has emerged guaranteeing that Mallett will become the greatest fraud in the history of physics. Already, the African American Registry and TEDxVienna have withdrawn their associations with him, as well as the energy drink, Hyperfizzics. More things are rapidly on the way. All of this is stemming from the fact that Ronald Mallett has been running a media scam that has finally gone a bridge too far – when he got involved with another con artist, Scott J. Cooper, who has since been shut down, along with his project with Mallett, by the FTC for fraud, misrepresentation, etc. Unfortunately, when you bought the rights to Mallett’s story, you became one of his victims.

Even the idea that he wanted to become a physicist so that he could build a time machine to see his father, is now being exposed. Like any con artist, who attempts to gain trust and or sympathy from his victim, Mallett used the death of his father for the same purpose, trusting that no one would question such a heart felt story. It even worked on you – however, it merely takes a close look, at a key part to his tale, for that father/son McGuffin to ring false. In his own book, which I know you have, check page 173 where he writes, “Why I didn’t see this sooner, I don’t know. Perhaps it was again a matter of being too close to the equations to see the big scheme of things. What it meant was that when the first time machine that could transport a human became operational, our descendants might be able to visit us, but we could never visit our ancestors.” Then on page 174, “I would not be able to use my time machine to see my father…My father was gone, and there was nothing I could do about it…” Notice, he didn’t say that he tried other ways, or anything else. Nope. He just quits with that one idea. Then again, on page 165 we get at least one clue as to why – “As a theoretical physicist I learned long ago that I did not have the aptitude for experimental work.” A first key to doing experimental work is knowing what means and methods would be required to do an experiment and that requires a full understanding of what the experiment is about. That’s where Mallett’s shortcomings in the theoretical area, insure his failure in the experimental ones.

But it’s worse than that – he hasn’t had any inclination to make a time machine for real after he started getting publicity and you can see the truth in his own words, here from The Altoona Mirror.

“I think I’ll always be seen as a pioneer,” said the Altoona area native and author of “Time Traveler: A Scientist’s Personal Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality.”

“I’m being recognized already in my lifetime, even if I don’t see the final time machine. That would be nice if I did, but that is not essential.”

So it would be “nice” to see the final time machine, but it’s not essential? I guess not, if all he wants is the fame for being a pioneer. But he’s not a pioneer as much as he is an imposter. His physics is flawed, proved by multiple scientists including me, and he’s been forced to admit the fact that it would take “stellar quantities” of energy to twist time using his model (see which is invalidates the premise that he’s had a breakthrough! Let me put this way, Spike – you have as much of a chance of creating a time machine as Ronald Mallett does because there is zero science behind it and he just uses Einstein’s name as a smoke screen! But there’s more –

Now, this doesn’t mean that a time machine will be realized soon. I’m the theoretical guy. The experimental physicists will have to take on the daunting – and very expensive – role of testing my theory.  This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. So although I don’t expect time travel to be a reality in my lifetime, I do consider my part in this process a fitting tribute to Einstein and a loving tribute to my father. 

That’s Mallett talking at the end of this articleand in this rare instance, he’s revealing the fact that he really doesn’t intend on using money to build a time machine, despite the fact that he’s taken thousands under that exact premise. No, he thinks that other physicists are going to have to do the “daunting and – very expensive” work testing his theory, which is the height of arrogance. No one in the physics world gives a damn about his theory and they won’t waste their time testing it. But what does that mean? It means that, as long as people talk about him allegedly having a breakthrough, that he gets what he really wants – FAME. That’s what he’s playing you as a sucker for.

So the entire premise of your film on him is now, a provable, demonstrable, lie. That he’s brilliant, figured out how to do a time machine, is now building one, and that he was motivated to do so in a desperate bid to see his father again. Over. Done. Fineto. I’m not going to belabor you with a lot of details beyond what I’ve done so far. If you care to see exactly the kind of man Ronald Mallett really is and is being exposed as, you can read A Critical Analysis of Ronald L Mallett, PhD: How Motherland Magazine Was Seduced By The “Crazy Professor” . The evidence is devastating, ready for court and will destroy Mallett legally if it’s ever presented during a trial – which is why he doesn’t sue me for defamation. He knows the defense against that is the truth, and he knows I can prove enough of what I say to have such a case dismissed and then launch a scorched earth counter suit, with no mercy. I’d do it too.

The bottom line is that Mallett’s story is a sham and he’s going down in flames now. If for some reason you were able to get a movie made, the way you originally intended, it would be panned as historically inaccurate and an homage to a man who only cared about fame, trading on the death of his father and scamming whomever he could, to get there, including you.

Seeing as how you were misled by the hype, to buy his life story, I will suggest this change in your script idea that will make it a more viable project than your original intention, and probably serve as a cautionary tale that will actually help some people – The Rise and Fall Of Ronald Mallett. I would strongly suggest Chiwetel Ejiofor as the lead part. As you know, he is an excellent actor and appears not too dissimilar to Mallett himself (and can be aged appropriately). Most importantly, he has the emotional range that would be required to accurately portray Mallett – from his struggles early on, to his rise in his career as the internationally known “time travel scientist” but also be able to show that darker side that Mallett has which I have seen several glimpses of myself – I actually know him and have suffered as one of his victims. Then of course, Chiwetel Ejiofor has the ability to portray Mallett in his increasing despair as everything that he gained from his fraudulent career starts crashing in around him, as it most certainly will, and has already begun so.

I know that you already have Ian Harnarine working on a script and I know about his background in physics, but from this quote of his, it’s pretty clear that he’s not qualified to be anywhere near a project on time travel – “The story is incredible and involves a lot of theoretical physics, but mostly it’s a father-son story. To me, it’s the perfect blend of science and heart.”  Aside from the fact that it is now apparent the father-son story is less than advertised, there isn’t a lot of theoretical physics to it and what’s there, in as far as time travel goes, is wrong and now outdated. There is a radical new paradigm shift in time travel science and Mallett was never on the cutting edge of time travel and has now admitted that he was wrong while a series of successful experiments over the last two years have wiped out any validity to his ideas.

Hey, it’s just a thought, since I can assure you, no studio is going to want to touch this property otherwise. If you don’t have the funding and a studio for it yet (how long’s it been? Since 2008?), you’ve missed the boat. I know for a fact that a series of career ending events are about to happen that will kill any interest in Mallett’s original story since it will be widely known that most of it is a lie. So, this, at least is an option. I can help you with details which you wouldn’t already have, or you can wait to see what comes out in the press and in my two upcoming books and any potential trial testimony that may occur involving World Patent Marketing. What I’m saying is that, I’m not claiming rights to the story of his down fall (outside of my own, original work), I’m causing it because of the damage he has done to me, other people and the field of serious time travel research, in general. This is something that is out of your control. I see you as a fellow victim and I’m merely suggesting a way to recoup your losses and make a profit, as was your original intent.

If you have any questions or want help on how to turn this set-back into a win for your property, I’ll be happy to hear from you. If you have any questions, you can contact me by my email. You can also listen to the exclusive scoop interview with Lorien Fenton, on the Fenton Perspective on Revolution Radio, Studio A, at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time and 8 PM EST at on Monday night, the 29th of January.




Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng


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