I’m Back – With A VENGEANCE!

If you looked around at all, you’ll notice I haven’t posted anything here in about 3 years and for very good reason. Unlike other people who write about innovation, I actually do it and I do it in areas in which I have few if any peers. That being said, it’s a lot of work. What have I been doing for 3 years? I’ve written 2 books, Paradox Lost: The True Geometries of Time Travel and Space Warps and Time Tunnels: The Outrageous Legacy of One Stephen W. Hawking

I’ve launched the first warp drive development program as well as the first human time travel program and a reality TV movie spin-off called The Zeitnauts which will be time travel fans getting to be involved in real attempts to induce time slips using technology derived from ideas of Nikola Teslsa and John Archibald Wheeler. That’s right – time travel.

I created the Zeitnauts project in part as a reaction to Shawn Ryan lying about how serious the writers of NBC’s Timeless take the science part of time travel and how he dissed fans of the show who happen to take time travel as a serious topic for physics. After I baited him into a Twitter fight over it and kicked his ass, I decided that Timeless was a lost cause but that the idea of time travel fans getting involved in real life time travel research as a reality TV show, would be far more intriguing than any Hollywood B.S from writers who wouldn’t know a wormhole from the man hole. I’m now preparing for the first ZeitNauts event to take place in late winter, 2018 with a special event to upstage the premiere of Timeless‘s stunted 2nd season.

I’ve out-innovated everyone else in the entire field on that one, now the world’s leading expert on the time travel topic and a top writer on the subject at Quora.com where I’ve launched a most ambitious blog  – Preparation Diary of a Time Travel Scientist  on my plans to reestablish my life in the 1971 where I will connect with people I know in the entertainment industry and change the world, a little bit. I have come to loathe the way that so-called thought leaders have sold us all down a futuristic drain to the sewer – everything from driverless cars and simulation theory to AI and transhumanism, and the only option, considering my tremendous abilities and technological expertise, is to apply everything I can to time travel to the past, much like those two Silicon Valley billionaires who are funding research to escape what they erroneously believe is a simulated universe. In that regard, I proved this year that parallel universes are real, working in part off of the 1995 proposal of Rainer Plaga. In doing so I outdid Nobel Prize winner, Frank Wilczek and Tulane University’s Frank Tipler. Even more, I proved wrong CERN’s Mir Faizal, who claimed that the parallel universes of quantum mechanics weren’t testable and only philosophical, while he was going to find “real universes” in higher dimensions. He failed, of course. 

Along the way I’ve made plenty of enemies that I’ve clashed with, some I’ve vanquished, and others are waiting for the final showdown with me. I could go into it now, but I’m saving it for later. There’s exciting and drama ahead, I promise. I will say you should check back Thanksgiving Day for the latest on my now all out war with Ronald Mallett, who you read about my beating in a race to develop the first small scale time machine. Mallett and his allies, are about to learn why it means something to screw over Marshall Barnes. The name of that Innovation Excellence Innovation Cities layout of mine wasn’t called, From the Rebellion VS. The Empire to Alexander the Great for nothing.

Slide #1 FRvETATG

I’ve already destroyed one of Mallett’s strongest allies and I’m launching a major attack against the other on Black Friday. Only those closest to me thought I could win this conflict. I was outnumbered, out-resourced. Many times to one. Mallett and his allies had scoffed at me. But I grew-up with the stories about Alexander the Great who was also always outnumbered and out-resourced. Now Mallett’s career is nearly in ruins, but I won’t stop until it is totally and completely destroyed. He is such a fraud, con artist and liar, I can do nothing less and still win. I’m winning because I used a competitive strategy based on Alexander the Great’s battle plan at Gaugamela.


So having done all of this, with major plans coming together for a future that many would deem to be straight out of science fiction, is there little doubt as to why I can look down my nose at these posers and pretenders, that claim to know so much about innovation, but have nothing significant to show for it but a lot of hype and how-to books?

Check back at least once a week from now on. This will be one of my major platforms for projection of my campaign for disruption across the forces of entrenched elitism and digitalcentrism to create a chance for true freedom of creative thought and innovation.



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