Open Letter To David Lavin, CEO, The Lavin Agency

(To be read in the voice and cadence of The Walking Dead character, Negan, although I hate his guts…)


Dear Dave!:

It is OK if I call you ‘Dave’ isn’t? You know, I wouldn’t want to get you upset with me right at the beginning of this missive, ’cause I know you’re gonna be made as Hell by the time you get to the end of it! You see, YOU and I have this little problem with one of your clients that I’ve just decided I’m going to have to take care of the old fashion way. And because, the way I see it, you’re a part of this problem, so I’m gonna do this with a bit more of the second style that Tina Turner used to tell her audiences about when she’d do Rollin’ Down The River, back in the ’70s. You do remember that, don’t you Dave? Instead of nice and slow, I’m just going to take it straight to the ROUGH!

Now your problem and mine is that lying, con artist of a professor known as Ronald L. Mallett and the reason he’s YOUR problem is that YOUR agency Dave, has been promoting him FOR YEARS using the some of the same B.S. and misrepresentations that he has, which could be proven in a court of law as such. And don’t fool yourself, Dave, I’m already ready to prove everything I’m telling you now, in a court of law and kick both your asses. And Mallett knows it, which is why he hasn’t tried to sue me yet for defamation because HE KNOWS I have EVERYTHING I need to keep him on the witness stand for DAYS, slaughtering him under oath like a death by a thousand cuts!

So this is how it’s gonna be Dave – you know I can say that because I’m the one that’s in control here, not YOU, which I realize is gonna be difficult for you, because you’re such a CONTROL FREAK as I’ve learned, but we’ll get to that later. I’m gonna degrade and destroy (you just got to love that phrase, it has such a muscular rhythm to it – don’t ya think? DEE-GRAAADE and DEEE-STROOOYYY!) Ronald Mallett’ s reputation and recognition to the point that dogs won’t even touch him, which is going to eliminate any marketability that he has for YOU! No one’s going to want to pay to hear his 2 bit sob story wrapped around his bogus, outdated time travel physics malarkey as the word gets out about what a fraud and liar he is – especially when there’s real talks available that have the demonstrable cutting edge time travel physics plus, – PLUS video of real, applicable experiments and LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS of this tech that’s being developed – RIGHT NOW! You can’t compete with THAT Dave and it’s OK if you let your pride think that you can. I don’t care. Go AHEAD and try to compete with me because I’m gonna just love proving you wrong, ’cause that’s only part of your problem, Dave. The other part is the fact that from here on out, as I DEEE-GRAAAADE and DEEE-STROOOY your boy’s name and career, I’m going to make sure that EVERYONE knows that YOU rep him and are partly responsible for this fake time travel science scam he’s been pulling off. THAT’s RIGHT! I’ve got all the web site screen grabs and tweets The Lavin Agency has been putting out with FALSE AND MISLEADING STATEMENTS about Ronald Mallett. You see, in the real world – not just that one you see from that warm and musky place where your head is, but the one with judges and attorneys and third party organizations, etc., in that world, they understand evidence when it’s presented. That’s why already the TED and TEDx organizations and the African American Registry have already deleted Ronald Mallett’s presence from their sites! That’s RIGHT, Dave! GONE! POOF! And you wanna know WHY? Because they saw the same evidence of your boy Ronny’s activities of FRAUD, MISREPRESENTATION and CON ARTISTRY in collusion with one Scott J. Cooper and his World Patent Marketing firm that the Florida Attorney General’s office saw in violation of state law 817.06 which they then sent on to the Federal Trade Commission because they were already in the process of shutting down World Patent Marketing for the same reasons Ronny was getting into business with Cooper for – FRAUD, MISREPRESENTATION and CON ARTISTRY! That removed ANY dumb defense of your boy’s actions as “just another opinion” and he lost his chance to raise (defraud) what he thought was going to be as much as $500 MILLION DOLLARS! How do I know this Dave? Because that’s what he told Motherland Magazine according to their interview with him published last March! You can read my review of it, right here – .

And just recently, Dr. Jomo W. Mutegi began to delete the lesson plans that he was offering based of Ronny through the Teachers Pay Teachers web site (see ). After all, he thought Mallett had actually gotten a patent and said so in the lesson, but of course that was another one of Ronny’s cons – he NEVER had a full patent, just a provincial one which he let EXPIRE but didn’t tell anyone in the public – not even in his book, which was published after the expiration! Even his BIGGEST COMMERCIAL FANS – Hyperfizzics has dropped him from their website which had promoted him and pledged a portion of their profits to his cause! GONE! POOF!

Now, I know your head is spinning RIGHT NOW, in part due to the way I’m COMING AT YOU and because you probably didn’t know about ANY of this stuff! You wanna know WHY I know that? Because of 2 reasons, Dave. First, I know Ronny hasn’t told you, because at his core, Ronald Mallett is a coward, and his default position is to always AVOID DIRECT CONFLICT while engaging in passive aggression when he has to. But the other reason why, I know YOU don’t know, is actually the BEST! I know because the TEDxVienna video that YOU, or someone working for YOU, placed on your web site on a page promoting that fraud of a time travel physicist, is STILL THERE! OOOPS! It looks like that page is GONE, Dave. What did you do? Get word that this day was NIGH? Well Dave, just FOR THE RECORD, here’s the link to the archived version of that page, .  That’s RIGHT, Dave! And for MONTHS after it was deleted by TEDxVienna by orders from TEDx – which was assigned to look into it by orders from the TED organization head office, that video clip was there and NOT WORKING. That’s how far up this thing went there, Dave! That’s RIGHT! I betcha you didn’t know that, did you? And I know why you didn’t – because Ronald, coward that he is, DIDN’T tell you. So for months, that TEDxVinenna video had been featured on your site and when people have tried to click on it, it said Playing Now, alright, but on the screen there’s just this blue circle thing, throbbing in and out, over and over and over and over again, and nothing else happening! Kinda like Ronald’s time machine research!

What’s that spiffy slogan you paid 6S Marketing for?

“We represent smart people who inspire ideas that make the world a better place. Since 1989.”

Yeah, well that certainly doesn’t apply to Ronald Mallett, which makes me wonder just what the Hell is going on with you, Dave? I’d be willing to just let bygones be bygones, since it LOOKS LIKE  Mallett isn’t even listed as a speaker on your site anymore, but I CAN’T! Why? Because there’s STILL promotional material on your site for him! There’s blogs and videos on Youtube still with YOUR company’s name on them. That’s right, DAVE! Here ya go –


So, I’m not sure if I’ve caught your staff in the process of deleting him from your site, or if they think they’re done and just did a half-assed job of it, or WHAT? The problem, Dave, is that you need to get rid of ALL OF IT to avoid what I plan on doing next, and described below – BUT FIRST I’m going to give you EXACTLY why you need to do it

“By using gravity, I opened up the possibility of a portal to the past—this is real physics,” he tells the crowd.

Hell, that’s not true! Do you know what a portal is Dave? A spiral is not a portal and that’s what Mallett usually says he’s gonna create. Never mind that the thing will never work. Mallett’s ADMITTED it would take stellar quantities of energy for his idea to work. How is he going to have a WORKING TIME MACHINE if he can’t meet the ENERGY REQUIREMENTS?

“Since gravity affects how fast or slow time passes (as proven by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity) Mallett believes that he can use that knowledge to twist time from a straight line into a closed loop—making it possible to travel between the past, present, and future.”

Mallett has never explained anywhere what happens next in the loop – a critical oversight which damages the validity of his concept as well as his LOTART provisional patent which he led people to erroneously believe was a full patent. It’s one of the key red flags that show he’s no expert on this subject.

“After thirty years of intensive study, Mallett believes he has come close to discovering a way for us to control our destiny in a way we never imagined.”

THAT’S NOT TRUE! Thirty years of INTENSIVE STUDY and all he could come up with is a FLAWED theory that he now even ADMITS is FALSE?! Do you know the difference between destiny and history, Dave? Mallett’s idea is only supposed to affect the past, not the future. So how’s that going to CONTROL our DESTINY? You see how FAST the B.S. seems to pile up, when you don’t just blow past it, but actually stop to let the SMELL HIT YOU? It STINKS, Dave. IT STINKS!

“While there is still much work to be done to create a device that makes time travel practically—not just theoretically—possible, Mallett is just as dedicated to his goal today as he was when he first started on his journey.”

BOLLOCKS!  I prove in my article that he’s NEVER been dedicated to his “journey” except to make money off of yapping about it! He’s done no discernible research on time travel physics in DECADES and has not published ONE SINGLE PAPER on time travel theory, and guess what else, Dave? Ronald Mallett doesn’t even list “time travel” as an area of research interest ANYMORE on his University of Connecticut website. Or DIDN’T YOU KNOW THAT, EITHER? So how’s Ronny boy fit into your description of how you only represent  “thinkers and doers who are changing the world for the better”? Ronny’s not a thinker and he’s not changing the world at all.  That scam is now over!

“How Scientist Ronald Mallett is Building a Time Machine (And Why)”

He’s not building a time machine, Dave. He’s not even honestly raising the money to do so. If he really wanted to do it, why’d he turn down a chance I gave him that could’ve raise upwards to a MILLION DOLLARS back in 2008? Huh? Or why does he now tell the media that he won’t do a KickStarter campaign because people would expect a time machine to be the result? Does that make any SENSE to YOU? If it doesn’t, then why the HELL are your pimping this clown, huh? Or is it that YOU’RE REALLY the CLOWN, Dave? According to former and current employee comments about working for you, you CERTAINLY come off looking that way. Let me see here…stuff like –

“Mr Lavin the owner is a terrible boss, he yells and swears a lot and generally views himself as a gift to human kind. He is strange and generally only liked by a select few of his employees.”

Is THAT TRUE, Dave? Shame on you!

“David, stop hiring consultants to try and fix your company. Recognize that your employees are unbelievably gifted, kind, and intelligent human beings that work extremely hard in order to make YOU money. Your problems with employee retention at Lavin are visible to everybody but yourself. Take a more objective look at your company and recognize that many of the issues are starting from the top and making their way down through the company.”

Well, what about THAT ONE one, Dave? Speaking of consultants – your last one is reading this RIGHT NOW!

“Management is, frankly, kind of rude / dismissive. As has been stated in other reviews, there are some unstable personalities at the top”.

WHOOOA, Dave! Is THAT TRUE? Could you ACTUALLY be considered, UNSTABLE!?

“Upper management will be your best friend to your face and then stab you in the back when you’re not around. This comment is pertinent to speakers as well. Many speakers are openly mocked and humiliated.”

REALLY, Dave? Did you EVER mock your boy Ronny, behind his back? Hell, I bet you’ll just go on ahead and THROW HIM right under the bus, NOW!

But hey, Dave – I saved the BEST review for LAST ’cause of what it means to the FUTURE of YOUR agency –

“I worked at The Lavin Agency full-time.

This agency has managed to etch its name down in the industry as the most despised and unethical agency in North America.”

OUCH, Dave. Really? Oh, but there’s MORE!

“RE: Ethics – Upper management encourages agents to overquote speakers, sometimes as much as triple their normal speaker fees. Some organizations will get a bargain, while others are completely ripped off.”

TELL ME, it’s NOT TRUE, Dave! But you know, what? I BELIEVE IT, after I saw all those misleading statements and FALSEHOODS on your site trying sell your boy, Mallett.

“It is a surprise that more speakers are still interested in giving their names to a tarnished & toxic brand. Like many of the brilliant employees who have left this company, a handful of speakers have been able to quickly realize that they’ve been dooped.”

OH! DAVE! SAY IT ISN’T SO! PA-LEEEZE! This rings SOOO TRUE in light of the B.S. I’ve pointed out on your site that was use to “DOOP” people into thinking your boy Ronny is some kind of a time travel scientist – when HE’S NOT! But there’s STILL MORE from this “current” employee.

“Employees will always come and go, but once the majority of the speakers on this roster disassociate their name with the company, then the jig is up.”

That’s right Dave! The jig IS UP and RIGHT NOW! And that scenario just might happen a lot sooner if I unleash my campaign against YOUR representing Mallett. That’s when people will really see just how far you’ll go with the misrepresentations just to hype Ronald Mallett, a fraud. Hell, I’m surprised KIP THORNE is on your roster, as little as he thinks about Ronald Mallett. I was told he thinks Mallett’s work is POOR. He told me himself that he didn’t think Mallett’s idea would work, so I think you really need to calm down, RIGHT NOW and think about YOUR situation. On one side, you’ve got Ronald Mallett who’s a liar, and a proven fraud and a con artist whom you’ve helped with the kind of misrepresentations in print, on YOUR website, that the Florida Attorney General’s Office thought were worthy of forwarding to the Federal Trade Commission for use in their law suit against Mallett’s co-conspirator Scott Mallett and his company, World Patent Marketing. And, you have the fact that Ronny NEVER TOLD YOU about ANY of this mess that HE’S caused.

The only choice you have is to cut little Ronny from your roster and tell ’em GOOD RIDDANCE! You might be in the process of that now, I DON’T KNOW! You’re not going to make any money from him and as long as you rep him I will make sure EVERYONE knows the role your firm played passing him off as this brilliant scientist who has actually gotten more accolades than anyone else in the ENTIRE HISTORY of science for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except become the biggest FRAUD in the history of PHYSICS! You KNOW I’m not kidding! You DO KNOW, I’m not kidding, RIGHT? Well, if there was any doubt, Dave, you should know that this is an open letter to you that everyone who’s anyone on your staff, in media in Toronto, your company – company wide, the entire speaking bureau industry (you know – the ones that you said on your web site, page, are OVER PAID by 50% and have NOTHING TO SAY?), the entertainment media pretty much everywhere – Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Inside Edition, yada, yada, yada. is getting this and even if just a fraction see it, you have to admit now, Dave, this is so OVER THE TOP that they’re going to share it with their friends and their friends, it will pretty much go viral – oh and I forgot… You see, there’s a bunch people reading this over the pond, as they like to say as well. That’s right!

So HERE’S THE DEAL. You’ve got until the end of business, March 28th to DROP Ronald Mallett and DROP HIM from YOUR web site, or guess what Dave? IT IS ON! Between YOU and ME! A direct competition that will be HISTORIC in the speaking industry. I’ll be announcing your response on Internet radio that night, when I’m getting interviewed by Lorien Fenton. If that’s the case, I suggest you get a different hat – something more suitable, like a Napoleon style one, to go along with that NAPOLEON COMPLEX I’m sure you suffer from. I’d LOVE to be the Wellington to your Bonaparte as I drive YOU to defeat in YOUR OWN Waterloo. In fact, part of me HOPES you don’t listen to my advice and actually tries to TAKE ME ON. It would be HISTORIC, but quite frankly, from what I’ve learned about you, Dave, I don’t think you have the guts, man! PROVE ME WRONG! C’mon, and what you’ll get is not only the damage from your being linked to promoting  fraud with actual misrepresentations, but I’ll be sure YOU’RE called into court to testify in any legal proceedings in which Ronald Mallett HAS TO APPEAR, – to confirm EXACTLY how it is that you fell in with this con artist, and anything that you may know about what he’s deal REALLY IS so we’ll know if he’s PERJURED himself. This is YOUR one chance to escape, because if you blow it, you’ll be painted with this tar brush the REST OF YOUR LIFE. It will NEVER END, because what Mallett is going through will NEVER END. He had plenty of chances to make things right and he refused, so I have no choice but to completely destroy his name, reputation and career with the TRUTH. I’ve got NO problem, with seeing YOU GO DOWN with him. No problem, AT ALL.

He was WARNED and NOW he’s reaping the whirl wind. What about YOU, Dave? Are you smart enough to know when to walk away from a fight YOU CAN’T WIN? Or as Dirty Harry said, “Do you feel lucky, PUNK?”



Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng



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