How Tweets From T-Mobile’s John Legere and Elon Musk Could Lead To Tesla Auto Races On The Moon and Mars

By Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng

I was on Twitter and I saw two tweets that caught my eye and then were synthesized by my near infinitely advanced imagination. One was a tweet by T-Mobile CEO John Legere. He tweeted

John Legere
Definitely not street legal. #StarWars…

to which I replied,

Paranovation Blog
Replying to @JohnLegere
No problem, ’cause it’s legal ON THE MOON and MARS!

The second one I actually believe I caught a glimpse of first, and then when I was scanning back through the tweet list, I saw it again but this time I stopped. It was from Elon Musk and read

Elon Musk
Racing video part 2

That’s when my imagination had the entire concept solidified, bank rolled, sponsored and marketed with full merchandising, and all the rest of it. So what was it? Think about it for a moment… If you still can’t guess, that’s a good, real world example of why I’m me and what that means. For me, recognizing the concept in a matter of seconds and then knowing its full potential, is par for the course. In this case, it wasn’t golf although I just now got that too. I’ll explain later…No, it’s the idea for the annual Elon Musk Tesla Lunar Auto Races!

This is how it works – as a means to commercialize space tourism, the moon is a perfect destination. However, there’s not much there (I’m ignoring the evidence for ruins on the moon, etc). However, something relatively cheap could be auto racing. This is how the idea came to me –

1. Legere’s tweet about Star Wars cars not being street legal. My brain says – ‘yeah, but there’s not street rules out in space’. Well, of course they’re cars, not spaceships, so the next brain flash is they’d be legal on the surface of the moon and Mars. Only problem is cars breathe oxygen, even the fule injected kind and so wouldn’t work in space, but electric cars don’t! BAM! That’s where the Elon Musk tweet popped back into my conscious mind. What was it about? A racing video. SHAZAAAM! Tesla cars racing on the moon and eventually on Mars!

Now, with the full idea in my conscious mind, the rest was easy.

1. Send a robotic missions to the moon, tasked with building a smooth race track, taking advantage of the exotic landscape to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the race area.

2. Eventually build spectator areas, etc.

3. While this is going on, recruit drivers for the cars, get sponsors (that should actually begin before the robots take off) and sell the worldwide TV rights.

4. Partner with companies wanting to promote space tourism to sell ticket packages, covering the costs of round trip travel, attending the races, and tourist excursions to explore lunar surface destinations and golf like .

5. The races themselves would test the skills of the drivers in handling the cars in lunar gravity in a competitive race.

6. Races could be beamed live to Earth for TV. Home video versions would include behind the scenes footage, etc, not shown during the broadcasts.

7. Sponsors could include everything from tire companies to soda pop. Hey, maybe T-Mobile would even get involved “The network Providing the best communications between Earth and the Moon…” I could see all the Yum Brands companies jumping into it, since they’ve historically been involved in space related promotions.

I think the idea of car races on the moon would be novel and fantastic. Ever since 978070780 took that moon buggy for a joy ride, the potential has been there, just not thought about. Electric cars didn’t really exist yet back then but now, the thought of shiny bright colored Tesla cars zipping around lunar race tracks, with the Earth on the horizon behind them, could be more thrilling than the Indy 500.

The question is, will Elon Musk and others pony up the money to launch the project. I don’t know. But I know one thing, for damn sure. If Elon and others do take this idea and run with it, I have the proof that I had it FIRST!


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