My 2nd Post: “Paranovation” And The Disruption That Is Coming…

Posted Originally on May 30, 2014 At by Marshall Barnes R&D Eng


Welcome to my second post here at Paranovation. Before I get started with this week’s article, I’ll answer the main question that I’ve been asked so far about this blog –
“What does ‘paranovation’ mean?”.

Paranovation is the combination of the word “para” which means ‘outside’, ‘beyond’, ‘beside’ and “novation”, which is the shared root of innovation, which actually means – in legal and contract law, replacing the obligation to perform one thing with another obligation to perform. In other words, paranovation is coming from beyond the mere transfer of obligations, or as in the meaning of innovation, the mere change in a practice, technique or technology. Bluntly put – it is beyond the standard models of innovation used by the industry, and thus that is why it can be used to falsify innovation, as the title of this blog suggests.

‘Paranovation’, is itself an innovation, because I actually took the time to invent the word, instead of doing what all the innovation gurus have done and just stick hyper, outo,  or quantum or some other word or prefix in front of novation or innovation, just to make it different. In fact, that so many people like Kurt Schneider, Chris Harris, Clara Rose, and others have already done so, forced me to create, and have to justify, a new version of my own – but one which was entirely unique. After all, if I had just used one of the other words that was already in use, how could I have any credibility at all? I want to talk about innovation and I can’t even create a new word for how I want to describe it?  No, I’m better than that. I’m the real deal. So, Paranovation was the result, both in the website and its title.

In the time since my first post, I have been featured as one of 25 innovators at the Boston leg of the IX Innovation Cities Tour. The tour is a product of Innovation Excellence which had previously had the kick-off event in New York. The purpose of the tour is to take stories of innovation and promote them to inspire more innovation on the part of others. They were especially looking for stories that had conflict or challenges that had to be overcome, and so my two part saga of using creativity to conquer overwhelming opposition and entrenched establishments, was perfect. You can read about the event in this press release. I was told that they wanted slide images to tell the stories and so I created them, using actual imagery from the story events themselves, even dating back to the 1980s. The storytelling slides are below and speak for themselves. As you will see, they not only confirm some of what I described about my background in my last post, but go far beyond…

Slide #1 FRvETATG

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Slide #4 FTRvETATG






Slide #10 FTRvTETATG

And so, there you have it – my story of how to use creativity and innovation to defeat opposition against overwhelming odds, to win against a world of entrenched establishments, and perceive solutions that are camouflaged in the structure of reality. This is the level that frightens most people, that makes the motivational speakers – who have infiltrated the innovation business, nervous. That threatens established norms and backs it up with force. That isn’t a catalyst for cheap change but renaissance. That knows absolutely nothing about failing smart but instead – always finds a way to win.

Now, perhaps you can understand a bit better what paranovation is. It’s not some new concept, it’s just a name for something that I’ve always done and never thought I needed a name for it, because words like ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation’ already existed. Well, they still exist today – but, have become so bastardized as buzz words by morons, that I had to invent paranovation so those very same morons would know what to call the disruption that is coming – that will make them wish they’d never made a buzz word, of that word, either…


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